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Strategic Imperatives for Sustainability and Circular Economy


The repercussions of Climate Change are necessitating an urgent shift from a linear to a circular economy, spurred by the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainability Development Goals 2030, further defined by the stringent benchmarks set by the Green Taxonomy.


Polycrisis is demanding the emergence of novel technologies and business models that facilitate Water, Energy & Resource Regeneration/Recovery Across Cities and Industry Value Chains.


Defining policies based on Digital Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Platforms is crucial as they have become critical parameters for business success, and to ensure enhanced transparency in reporting.


How do you shift from where you are to what you want to become? How do you fill the gap?

Based on those strategic imperatives the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to achieve transformational growth is daunting.


Growth Opportunities in Environment & Sustainability

Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

  • Water Energy Nexus Driving Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Renewable Desalination
  • Global methane pledge driving Landfill and Biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG)
  • Green taxonomy facilitates materials reuse from buildings
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction Benefits in Recycling of Hazardous Waste
  • Net Zero Cities – Real – Time GHG Emissions – Monitoring & Validation Platforms
  • Green Hydrogen

Sustainable Use and Protection of Water Resources

  • Net Zero & Digital Twins Water Utilities
  • Smart Waste and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) Networks
  • Smart Water Metering Services
  • Packaged and Decentralised W&WW systems
  • Advanced Membranes and Bioreactors
  • Cyber-security of water utilities

Circular Economy and Pollution Prevention and Control

  • Reverse vending machines (RVM) and deposit return schemes (DRS)
  • Mechanical recycling for multiple reuse of polymers in closed loop
  • Chemical recycling of hard to recycle plastics
  • Urban mining for circular economy of waste electricals
  • Smart material recovery facilities (MRF)
  • Waste to resource mapping, verification and validation platforms

Protection and Restoration of Biodiversity and Nature

  • Farm to Fork Sustainability
  • Green Taxonomy & Sustainability Finance

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Driving Sustainable Business Growth through Circular Economy

The sustainability and circular economy industry is undergoing a profound transformation, vital for preserving our planet. It’s marked by a shift in focus toward climate change mitigation and adaptation, emphasizing innovative approaches to combat climate change and enhance resilience. Simultaneously, the circular economy’s emphasis on resource efficiency and waste reduction is fostering new models of production and consumption, aiming to decouple economic growth from environmental harm. Amid this transformative era, industry leaders are orchestrating strategies and innovation to navigate through this paradigm shift, illuminating the path toward a more resilient future.

  • How extensively has your organization examined the impact of this transformative shift along the industry value chain?
  • Are your strategists leveraging innovative circular economy frameworks to drive organizational growth?

Imperatives in Shifting to a Circular Economy: Addressing Sustainability Challenges

The urgent shift to a circular economy, driven by climate change and global agreements like the Paris Climate Accord and the 2030 Sustainability Goals, underscores the imperative for sustainability. This transition is further shaped by the rigorous standards outlined in the Green Taxonomy. The rise of complex global challenges, often referred to as “polycrisis,” calls for the emergence of novel technologies and business models that can foster water, energy, and resource regeneration across industry value chains. Leaders in the sustainability and circular economy industry are adapting to the evolving landscape by creating strategies that focus on digital sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) platforms. These platforms are now critical benchmarks for business success, ensuring enhanced transparency in reporting and aligning with the ever-growing demands of a sustainable future.

  • Is your organization taking all the necessary steps to effectively navigate potential challenges?
  • Is your leadership team ensuring that the organization’s business model aligns with sustainable growth benchmarks?

Fulfilling the Growth Gap: Strategies and Innovations
While the necessity for this transition is undeniable, there exists a significant gap in terms of practical implementation, adoption of sustainable technologies, and the development of innovative business models. Many businesses are grappling with the transformation required to meet the standards of the Green Taxonomy and other agreements. Bridging this growth gap is essential for the sustainability and circular economy industry to thrive in the face of evolving global imperatives.

Considering this scenario, water utilities are seeking operational efficiency and resilience through digital solutions, with a focus on reducing costs and carbon emissions. In parallel, end users are emphasizing process and energy efficiency for better returns and lower operational expenses, driving disruptive product innovations. Notably, circular and digital solutions are rising in relevance across the sector, offering new revenue streams and sustainability benefits.

  • How is your organization identifying the growth gaps in your transformation journey?
  • Are you considering strategies and innovations at a best practices level to address these growth gaps?

Growth Pipeline: Navigating Efficiency and Resilience
The Growth Pipeline drives transformative change by recognizing and seizing growth opportunities to revolutionize the sustainability and circular economy industry, ultimately enhancing environmental outcomes. Leaders must enhance their visionary approach to guide the industry toward a more environmentally conscious future, aligning innovation with cost-effective operations and resource conservation.

The dynamic interplay of challenges and opportunities aligns with the industry’s growing interest in circular economy and smart digital technologies. Water utilities, among others, are increasingly exploring the implementation of circular economy principles, aiming not only for sustainability but also new revenue streams and cost reductions. The overarching goal is to conserve resources through efficient material reuse, recycling, and waste reduction. Despite these challenges, the industry retains significant potential, poised at the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

  • Have you outlined a robust framework for your growth pipeline that aligns with your organization’s goals?
  • Do you believe your growth pipeline strategies distinguish you within the industry?

Recognizing the Growth Gap and cultivating a Growth Pipeline, empower businesses to drive transformation, ultimately creating a future that enhances environmental outcomes, empowers stakeholders, and fuels a global sustainability revolution.

In this dynamic industry, seizing growth opportunities and addressing challenges systematically will be key to staying ahead of the curve. Our transformation journey is fueled by four powerful components ensuring your success in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the Environment and Sustainability industry:

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Are you aware of the growth potential within the smart water meter ecosystem?

Water utilities around the globe are exploring new solutions to adapt to climate change. This has driven decision makers to implement water conservation policies that prioritize leak reduction and a holistic approach to minimizing non-revenue water (NRW). This shift necessitates continuous collaboration within the smart water meter ecosystem. Further, strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions are fueling this collaboration, allowing stakeholders to expand their offerings towards building a more sustainable and efficient water future for all. This transformation is bringing together the following ecosystem players:

  • Water utilities are the driving force behind smart water metering adoption, seeking to improve leak detection, revenue collection, demand management, and customer service.
  • Technology providers in the smart water metering space are capitalizing on IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity and developing data analytics platforms to deliver end-to-end solutions for NRW management and water network optimization.
  • Government agencies are playing a crucial role in promoting smart water metering adoption by offering financial incentives, setting conservation targets, standardizing data formats, all while navigating the challenge of balancing innovation with data security and privacy.
  • Research institutions are acting as the knowledge engine for smart water metering, conducting technology testing, analyzing cost-effectiveness, and developing best practices.
  • Consumers, directly impacted by smart water metering, are gaining greater awareness of its usage, benefitting from accurate billing, and potentially receiving water-saving incentives.

With the increased focus on innovative water solutions, are you exploring strategic partnerships within the ecosystem to unlock new growth opportunities?

What are the key strategic imperatives prompting stakeholders in the smart water metering ecosystem to re-evaluate their growth strategies?

Transformative Megatrends

Climate change and water scarcity are accelerating digital transformation in the water industry. Smart water meters are emerging as a critical tool for utilities to achieve net-zero goals, optimize resource use, and improve operational efficiency.

Industry Convergence

Smart water meter providers are recognizing the value of offering comprehensive water network management solutions. This shift is driven by strategic consolidation via mergers & acquisitions and partnerships, allowing them to become one-stop shops encompassing pressure, leaks, levels, and water quality monitoring.

Disruptive Technologies

IoT connectivity is revolutionizing metering infrastructure, with low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) solutions like LoRa replacing traditional systems. Utilities are prioritizing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for its two-way communication capabilities, data-driven efficiency improvements, and the potential for leak detection and peak hour optimization powered by artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML).


Who are the leading technology innovators driving strategic partnerships and integration within the smart water meter space?

The water crisis is driving a surge in innovation within the smart water meter ecosystem. Technology companies are no longer bystanders, but key collaborators forging strategic partnerships to unlock a wave of growth. These partnerships are facilitating the convergence of disruptive technologies, transforming how water utilities manage resources. Here’s a brief overview of the key players driving this smart water revolution:

Kamstrup: Kamstrup has revolutionized smart water metering with the Flow IQ 2200, integrating acoustic sensors to detect leaks both at customer sites and in distribution lines. Supported by the Water Intelligence platform, it offers precise leak detection and reduction of NRW. The company’s acquisition of Thvilum AS in 2022 further enhances digital solutions for pipe registration, strengthening Kamstrup’s leadership in water network digitalization.

Badger Meter: Badger Meter has carved a niche in smart water metering with its focus on cellular communication and user engagement. The company is one of the early adopters of cellular LPWAN technology with the 2014 introduction of the ORION meter, leveraging reliable cellular networks. Additionally, its BEACON platform with the Eye On Water mobile app empowers customers with near real-time water usage monitoring, improving customer service for utilities. Learn more. 

Suez: Suez stands out as a system integrator with its ON’Connect solution, built on the WIZE LPWAN open standard. WIZE offers superior penetration indoors and underground, long-range connectivity, and extended battery life (15-20 years) for smart meters. Additionally, its AQUADVANCED platform leverages the company’s water utility expertise for data analytics, resource management, and network optimization. Learn more.

Itron: Itron stands out for its comprehensive smart water solutions, helping utilities improve network visibility, accurately measure water loss (real and apparent), and manage NRW holistically. Itron’s Water Operation Management (WOM) platform is beneficial due to its ability to integrate diverse data sources and offer unique value through visualization, simulation, and calibration of the water network’s hydraulic model. Learn more.

As the smart water meter landscape evolves, are you adopting best practices from leading technology companies to strengthen your competitive position?

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