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Will YOUR Organization Capitalize on Digital Platforms to Transition Towards Software-defined Vehicles?

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Strategic Imperatives For Digital/Software


Capitalizing on collaborative partnerships to imbibe innovative business models, transitioning from purely vehicle-based to combined, vehicle and service-based sales.


Accelerating digital re-invention to enhance capabilities, leverage disruptive technologies, and build solid differentiation amid rising competitive intensity.


Re-aligning organizational strategies, infrastructure, workflows, and value-chains to build future-proof automotive ecosystems that thrive amid industry convergence.


How do you shift from where you are to what you want to become? How do you fill the gap?

Based on those strategic imperatives the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to achieve transformational growth is daunting.


Growth Opportunities in Digital/Software

App Stores Supplementing In-vehicle Payments

In-vehicle payment will emerge as a promising business opportunity, with the rising demand for in-vehicle marketplaces.

Life on Board

Focusing on broad scale improvements and technology developments in human-machine interface (HMI) to reimagine and re-invent vehicle cabin.

Business Model Transformation

Connectivity coupled with digital architecture will give rise to new revenue streams.

Data Monetization

Acing the data monetization game with privacy, security, and unique use cases to build recurring revenue pipelines.

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Accelerating the Automotive Transformation: Revamping Mobility With Software-Defined Vehicles

The mobility industry is currently undergoing a critical transformation driven by the digitization of automobiles and powered by disruptive technologies. This has led to the emergence of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) that rely on sophisticated digital architecture. SDVs leverage telematics for connectivity and employ in-vehicle operating systems (OS) to provide a diverse range of features that significantly enhance the automotive experience What sets this transformation apart is its reliance on democratized software technologies, in contrast to the era of hardware-centric vehicles, where manufacturing was controlled by traditional OEMs. In today’s landscape, new-age startups, cross-industry players, and technology giants are entering the fray and challenging established norms.

This shift is giving rise to innovative business models that are revolutionizing the industry. This includes partnerships and investments between startups and OEMs, and the implementation of feature-on-demand (Food) solutions.

  • Is your team leveraging the key drivers of this transformation?
  • Has your team adapted innovative business models to bridge the growth gap?
  • Has your team strategized a robust growth pipeline to thrive in this space?

Failing to respond adequately to this transformation can have dire consequences. Industry incumbents are now being pushed to accelerate the digital revolution of vehicles and leverage technology-driven capabilities. Technological collaborations have emerged as pivotal growth catalysts for OEMs, as tech companies demonstrate the agility to rapidly develop and adapt new technologies. However, this transformational journey hinges on selecting the right partners and technologies while aligning with evolving customer expectations. Furthermore, companies that fail to innovate along the value chain will struggle to monetize effectively. Additionally, the constant presence of cybersecurity and data security threats necessitates unwavering attention and diligence.

  • Is your team prepared to leverage mergers and acquisitions (M&As)
  • How will your team leverage the right technological disruptions to enrich your value chain?

reflects a significant shift in consumer preferences. Today, consumers increasingly seek vehicles equipped with software-defined features like driver assistance, connectivity, and comfort-convenience services. The integration of these features demands rapid digitization to ensure widespread adoption and usage. Notably, this swift transformation carries significant implications for cybersecurity.

Numerous industry stakeholders stand poised to seize this opportunity. IT companies can leverage their expertise to craft advanced software infrastructure for vehicles, while OEMs and tier-1 suppliers can expand their hardware capabilities. However, success in this arena hinges on a willingness to adapt, innovate, and venture into regional markets with high growth potential. In essence, a proactive approach Is necessary to yield substantial rewards.

  • Has your team integrated these growth opportunities into their growth pipeline?
  • Are your leaders ahead of the curve in responding to competitive intensity in this space?
  • Is your team ready to revolutionize IT dependency into IT collaboration to drive growth?
  • Is your team aligned to the right cybersecurity strategy to help resolve security challenges?

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The automotive landscape is currently experiencing a profound transformation, with digitalization becoming increasingly pervasive in vehicles. This shift has given rise to a remarkable development known as the software-defined vehicle (SDV) — a concept once relegated to the realm of science fiction but now swiftly becoming a reality.

In the ongoing SDV revolution, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are gaining the ability to separate and independently manage hardware and software components of a vehicle. This development presents numerous practical applications: for instance, the rapid resolution of software-related issues that might hinder hardware performance. (Consider a scenario where a software glitch affects the braking system; it can be promptly rectified through a simple software update!)

      • What strategies are you adopting to leverage SDVs better than your competitors?
      • Have you aligned your growth strategy with intelligent data insights to thrive in this space?
      • As the automotive industrswiftly evolves, is your strategy team mapping the right growth opportunities?

Despite the considerable potential SDVs hold to revolutionize the automotive sectora distant dream, even with industry giants like Tesla, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Toyota, and BMW making significant strides in this direction. This leads to the question: What is the growth gap that continues to impede the SDV industry’s progress?

The answer lies in how OEMs have encountered a transformation so profound that many struggle to adapt to its demands. It’s not difficult to see why. Legacy automakers have historically prioritized evolution over revolution. While this positions them well to drive progress in the SDV space, their entrenched legacies can also act as limitations, hindering them from being as agile as tech players unburdened by such legacies. The encouraging news is that an upsurge in strategic alliances between startups and proactive OEMs is propelling the industry forward, ensuring everyone gets a slice of the pie.

      • How is your analytics team strategizing to bridge the growth gap in the automotive industry?
      • Have you devised a strategy to leverage data privacy regulations to benefit your organization?
      • Are you crafting a robust go-to-market strategy to effectively close the growth gap?


The first step for both legacy automakers and emerging players to overcome the constraints of the growth gap involves asking crucial questions, all derived from a fundamental inquiry: Are you taking adequate and faster measures than your competitors? Here are a few pivotal growth constraints to scrutinize closely:

Data privacy and cybersecurity concerns: With the prominence of digital architecture and software, concerns about data breaches and cyberattacks have risen. Building secure digital architectures is paramount before the widespread adoption of software vehicles. Some OEMs have already begun hiring cybersecurity experts. Are you strategically addressing potential threats to your digital infrastructure?

Balancing old and new architectures: The transition from hardware to software is in progress, but many customers are still vested in old architectures. The challenge for OEMs lies in ensuring a delicate balance of support for both legacy and modern architectures, guaranteeing continuous support for customers on both fronts. Have your intelligence teams developed strategies to address all customers effectively and equitably?

Competition from new players: The digital and software ecosystem shares common ground with the IT industry, allowing tech players with no previous automotive industry involvement to gain prominence. Cross-industry collaborations and strategic alliances with new players are essential for OEMs to make the digital transition, but the question arises: How can OEMs keep the competition from new players at bay while also leveraging their technological expertise?


Asking the right questions and identifying growth opportunities are crucial initial steps, but they’re just the beginning. Legacy automakers must also leverage a concrete four-step growth pipeline, designed to bridge the growth gap methodically:

      • Powerful questions: Asking the right questions is the foundation of successful growth.
      • Identifying growth opportunities: Not every path leads to success; it’s essential to pinpoint the most promising opportunities.
      • Effective go-to-market Strategies: Execution is key, and a well-crafted strategy is essential.
      • Grit and determination: Persistence is invaluable in the evolving SDV landscape.

As you embark on delineating your growth pipeline, pivotal questions to consider include:

      • Have your strategists charted each phase of the growth pipeline with distinct objectives for each?
      • Is your intelligence team prepared to revise your strategy as the automotive landscape evolves?

In this dynamic industry, seizing growth opportunities and addressing challenges systematically will be key to staying ahead of the curve. Our transformation journey is fueled by four powerful components ensuring your success in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the digital & software mobility industry:

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