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Will YOUR Organization Survive the Powertrain & Electric Vehicles Transformation?

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Strategic Imperatives For Powertrain & Electric Vehicles


Building a strategic roadmap for investing in battery development and chemistries, software platforms, and electric vehicle (EV) charging technologies as powertrain and internal combustion engine (ICE) investments loose global momentum.


Battling competitive intensity with the emergence of non-traditional mobility players that offer differentiated products and services to maximize customer value.


Embracing new business models as industry convergence amplifies the pressure to adopt service-based approaches that capitalize on disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).


How do you shift from where you are to what you want to become? How do you fill the gap?

Based on those strategic imperatives the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to achieve transformational growth is daunting.


Growth Opportunities in Powertrain & Electric Vehicles

Focus on High Power Charging

Ultra-fast, high-powered charging will emerge as the next growth frontier in EV charging as more customers favour minimizing charging times and maximizing energy efficiency. This will gain traction in Europe followed by other global regions.

Battery Reuse and Recycling:

EV battery reuse and recycling will present new opportunities for repurposing old batteries in second life applications. More original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will focus on building a circular economy for EV batteries amid evolving government regulations and environmental concerns.

Software-defined Vehicles and the Digitization of EVs:

The immense potential of data generated from software-driven EVs is shifting conventional sales to newer business models such as Vehicle-as-a-Service. This uncovers new growth avenues in the form of innovative convenience features, over-the-air updates, infotainment, real-time maintenance and monitoring, and feature-on-demand services.

Technological Advancement in EV Batteries:

As the mobility ecosystem converges with disruptive technologies, cell suppliers have the opportunity to diversify into building complete battery packs that cater to domestic EV manufacturers and global OEMs.

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The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, departing from an era where traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) tightly controlled technology and manufacturing. As a result, legacy companies find themselves swiftly losing their once unshakable grip on every aspect of the vehicle lifecycle and supply chain. At the heart of this shift lies the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, which has ushered in a cascade of technological disruptions and paved the way for non-traditional players to secure their piece of the pie.

Today’s OEMs are competing with transformative startups that are adept at accommodating modern-day customer preferences, such as product customization and flexible pricing options. However, this emergence of new players has given rise to immense competitive intensity. Only those who embrace forward-thinking growth strategies and dynamic approaches will emerge as victors here, while dormant companies will succumb to the challenges of the new era.

  • Have you fully embraced the EV transformation and the growth opportunities it brings?
  • Have your strategists identified growth avenues that will propel your company to industry leadership?
  • Is your team adept at swiftly navigating escalating competitive intensity?
  • Are your teams harnessing the full potential of disruptive technologies?
  • How are your teams bridging the growth gap within this industry and strengthening your growth pipeline?

In the face of disruptive competition, strategic alliances and mergers have taken on newfound importance. Emerging players are driving innovative technologies with profitable applications, while industry giants like BYD, Tesla, and Volkswagen maintain their steadfast hold on the EV customer base. These strategic partnerships promise a win-win scenario, guaranteeing profitable ventures for newcomers and granting OEMs swift, cost-effective access to key innovations.

However, in a landscape where over 200 startups have established their presence, can every player expect to achieve transformative growth within their timeframe? Certainly not; the fate of both newcomers and established players hangs in the balance. While many companies harbor immense potential, unlocking it demands foresight, a visionary product strategy, and a profound grasp of shifting customer preferences, emerging megatrends, and cutting-edge technologies.

To navigate this transformative journey successfully, companies must answer critical questions like:

  • Are your teams forging the right strategic partnerships with the right players?
  • Do your leaders possess the agility to navigate changing megatrends and geopolitical chaos?
  • Which innovative business models has your team identified as reliable pathways to success?
  • How are you harnessing technological disruptions to drive this transformation?
  • Is your team committed to a strategic vision that ensures success in this transformative journey?

Frost & Sullivan boasts over six decades of expertise in aligning global mega trends, emerging technologies, and innovative business models to catalyze profound growth. We specialize in assisting companies in recognizing, assessing, and prioritizing tailored opportunities that empower them to not only survive but thrive in the face of change.

Allow us to be your trusted guide on your transformation journey and help you address such pressing questions:

  • Are your teams implementing the right initiatives to expand your reach?
  • Are your leaders identifying and evaluating the best growth opportunities for you?
  • Are your strategists balancing short-term growth objectives with long-term value creation?
  • Is your workforce aligned to support and drive the company’s growth agenda?

This journey is fuelled by four powerful components, ensuring your success in navigating industry changes:

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Electric InfrastructureThe question is not “will” the entire automotive world transition to battery-powered engines, but rather, “when.” The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is inevitable; remarkably, over 95% of OEMs have announced electrification plans for as soon as the next decade, intensifying competition within the industry. This wave of change isn’t confined to traditional vehicle manufacturers; it encompasses over 200 startups and unexpected players, including cross-industry players and tech giants.

  • Is your business intelligence leveraging a strategy to excel during the EV transformation?
  • Which growth avenues are your strategists exploring to help you outpace your competitors?

The path ahead promises an abundance of use cases, innovative business models, and growth opportunities in parallel industries that support EV infrastructure. Notably, high-power charging infrastructure is critical, as is improving battery efficiency, reuse, and recycling for a sustainable ecosystem with minimal stress on power grids. Additionally, the growth of the software-defined vehicle (SDV) and connected vehicle space is central to this transformation. Identifying the right megatrends and technological disruptions will be key as customer preferences evolve, and not every path will lead to success.

  • Are you analyzing your universe of growth opportunities and identifying robust next steps?
  • How are you preparing to adapt your strategy to transformative shifts in megatrends?

Like any profound transformation, the EV revolution is still fine-tuning its edges, factoring in geopolitical chaos, parallel industry development, and a strategic approach to reaching 100% adoption. While the electric vehicle sector has witnessed rapid growth, it’s not without its ‘growth gap’, a term we use to describe the fact that the Serviceable Available Market (SAM) is but a fraction of the Total Available Market (TAM) in this domain. This disparity suggests vast untapped potential, particularly for players willing to tackle the following growth gap challenges:

Battery production is a bottleneck: Supply chain issues limit raw materials for batteries. Additionally, environmental concerns surround battery production. There is also a growing concern regarding the use of lithium (Li)-ion batteries, with alternatives like hydrogen fuel cells being more sustainable.

Charging infrastructure is evolving: The global charging infrastructure is essential for EV adoption. However, the focus should not only be on quantity but also on infrastructure that doesn’t strain power grids. Developing more efficient and faster charging technology is also crucial.

The ICE vs EV debate: The shift toward electric vehicles is undeniable, but questions about cost models, total cost of ownership, and innovative business models like subscription services still linger. Resolving these issues will be pivotal in solidifying the transition to EVs.

With these growth gap challenges in mind, several key questions arise:

  • How thoroughly are your strategists analyzing growth gap challenges?
  • What measures are you implementing to address them?
  • Are all your teams aligned toward a unified growth vision and working toward that goal?
  • What steps are you taking to accommodate changing customer preferences in your growth strategy?

A well-structured growth pipeline is essential for achieving exponential growth systematically. It involves defining outcomes, asking pertinent questions, identifying promising growth opportunities, implementing effective go-to-market strategies, and continually bettering their strategy. Key considerations for your growth pipeline:

  • Are your strategists mapping each step of the growth pipeline with clear goals?
  • What steps has your business intelligence team taken towards the right go-to-market strategy?
  • Is your growth pipeline more robust than your competitors’?
  • Are you progressing through the stages of your growth pipeline faster than your competitors?

In this dynamic industry, seizing growth opportunities and addressing challenges systematically will be key to staying ahead of the curve. Our transformation journey is fueled by four powerful components ensuring your success in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the EV industry:

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