Future of Mobility

By 2030, journeys will become more integrated, intelligent and connected, as people will demand personalized mobility solutions. With more than 60 percent of the world‘s population expected to live in urban cities, urbanization will transform our view towards mobility. Changing urban mobility trends among younger generations broadly reflect a growing preference for biking, walking, public transport, and shared mobility services over car ownership. The electric, autonomous car sharing ecosystem is expected to become a part of a larger integrated, multimodal ecosystem, with high emphasis on highly customized, seamless and on-demand transportation services.

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Autonomous driving service will account for 65% of overall autonomous market in 2030
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The third dimension of mobility – flying cars – will be unlocked in 2025
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MaaS will unlock $1.3 Trillion worth of revenue opportunity by 2025

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Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) systems will unlock $460 Billion revenue by 2030