In an era where digital transformation dictates the pace of industrial progress and sustainability is paramount, Augury has emerged as a role model of innovation and growth, meriting Frost & Sullivan’s “2023 Global Company of the Year for Industrial Analytics Solutions” Best Practices Award.

This accolade recognizes Augury’s exceptional business performance, customer-centric approach, and state-of-the-art AI-powered analytics technologies—all of which redefine machine, process, and production health benchmarks.

Pioneering Scalable As-a-Service Industrial AI Solutions

At the heart of Augury’s Machine and Process Health solutions is its purpose-built AI model, trained by industry experts and powered by one of the largest data libraries in the sector. This AI-driven approach has enabled Augury to offer cloud-based predictive diagnostics with a staggering performance of over 99.9% accuracy based on over 300 million monitored machine hours. Such early fault detection and analysis precision across various equipment types has enabled manufacturing organizations to sidestep production downtime, improve process efficiency, maximize yield, and minimize waste and emissions, reaffirming Augury’s commitment to operational reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

With Frost & Sullivan estimating that nearly 80% of top-tier manufacturing organizations will adopt AI-based solutions by 2024, Augury’s achievements underscore its crucial role in meeting this growing demand. The company’s ability to deliver up to ten times the return on investment (ROI) in as little as four months and an average time to value of less than thirty days for machine improvement is a compelling value proposition for manufacturers looking to navigate digital transformation complexities.

Augury’s vision extends beyond its established successes. The introduction of Production Health, an approach that leverages AI-driven insights resulting from the interdependence of machines, processes, and operations, represents the next evolutionary step in industrial maintenance.

Customer Engagement and Strategic Partnerships

Augury’s customer engagement model goes beyond traditional service paradigms. The company prides itself on providing technical support to over thirty regions worldwide while working closely with clients throughout the implementation process to ensure their solutions are critical enablers of the customers’ operational success. Augury’s customer-centric approach, exemplified by its Champions program and Endpoint online community for factory workers, transforms users into advocates and fosters a community of knowledge sharing and mutual growth.

Augury’s strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Grundfos, HSB, Carrier, and Baker Hughes highlight its position as a leader within the industrial maintenance ecosystem. These partnerships extend the reach of Augury’s AI-driven solutions and reinforce its commitment to addressing industry-specific challenges, enhancing the value proposition for its partners while driving broader adoption of AI solutions in traditionally conservative sectors.

The Last Word

Augury’s recognition as the “2023 Global Company of the Year for Industrial Analytics Solutions” reflects its visionary approach to solving some of the most pressing industrial sector challenges. Through its purpose-built AI, customer-centric partnerships, and strategic industry collaborations, Augury leads the charge toward a more efficient, reliable, and sustainable industrial future while setting new standards for innovation and excellence in AI.

Augury’s evolutionary journey from an emerging start-up to a global leader in industrial analytics represents a compelling narrative of innovation, collaboration, growth, and transformation. 

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He holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina.

Above all, he cherishes spending time with his son, Mateo, and his wife, Valeria.


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