If you’re like most business IT leaders today, you’ve likely explored how to modernize your data center to support digital transformation. Using the public cloud is certainly part of the plan, and the on-premises data center remains a key part of your overall IT environment. You need the security, control, or investment leverage that comes from your private data center, as well as the efficiency and flexibility that the public cloud offers. For many of your peers, a private cloud—such as IBM Cloud Private—offers the right mix of cloud and control, making it an ideal environment to deploy as you transform your IT operations.

Here are four benefits that IBM Cloud Private can deliver to your digitally transformed business:

  1. Faster time to market for applications and services: Among US business leaders surveyed by Frost & Sullivan, 64% said they wanted to be able to deliver services and applications faster. By modernizing your IT environment with IBM Cloud Private, you decrease the time it takes to deploy VMs and containers, as well as the time spent managing them. IBM Cloud Automation Manager, a key player in the IBM Cloud Private service, orchestrates deployment of resources and streamlines management, enabling you to turn up infrastructure to support new applications and services faster than with traditional data center resources. IBM Cloud Private also offers excellent support for containers, enabling businesses to deploy containers across a hybrid environment. This extensive container support also drives faster service development and deployment.
  1. Increased visibility, governance and automation: Modernizing the data center using IBM Cloud Private and IBM Multicloud Manager increases your ability to see your complete environment—including disparate, hybrid resources. The management layer provides visibility into the health of the environment and identifies potential problems. This streamlined management solution enables VM and container cluster organization as well as automated resource deployment based on your predefined policies. It also offers monitoring dashboards based on the most updated deployment and sets and enforces policies related to security, applications, and infrastructure, and checks for compliance across clusters.
  1. The ability to introduce new technologies: Sixty-seven percent of business leaders also stated that the ability to integrate new technologies—such as AI, blockchain, IoT or advanced analytics—was a top goal of modernizing their data center. With the robust, curated Enterprise Content Catalog offered by IBM in its Cloud Private offering, businesses like yours can innovate faster and easily integrate new services and enhance applications using the latest technology.
  1. Increased cost efficiencies: Corporate data centers transformed with IBM Cloud Private use servers more efficiently, reducing capital investment. IBM Cloud Private also takes a software-centric approach to orchestrating the data center, allowing you to extend the life of your hardware. IBM Multicloud Manager streamlines management across a hybrid environment, enabling IT Operations and SRE teams to spend less time on system management and more time on revenue-driving activities.

Enterprises—including those of your peers and competitors— are finding great success with IBM Cloud Private, which is one reason why the service has become of one of IBM’s fastest-growing software offerings over the past year. If you’re looking for a robust, comprehensive private cloud platform that supports hybrid deployments, look no further than IBM Cloud Private.

For more information about IBM Cloud Private, visit www.ibm.com/cloud/private.

Karyn Price

Karyn is a Senior Industry Analyst, Cloud Computing at Frost & Sullivan.

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