We live in exceptional times, with rapid technological progress creating a myriad of new opportunities to enhance our everyday lives. Likewise, continuous technology innovations allow businesses to streamline their processes, deliver innovative new services, and reach new heights in their operations. Notably, the Internet of Things (IoT) merges the physical and online worlds, allowing organizations to extract maximum value from various applications including radio-frequency identification (RFID). RFID refers to the use of radio waves to capture and read information stored on a tag attached to an object.

IDRO-Award-Logo.jpgRFID has made significant strides over the past two decades. Enabling end-to-end visibility, RFID allows customers to efficiently track and trace assets and personnel to improve decision making. Nevertheless, the market requires continuous innovations to respond to real-life business challenges. Notably, an example of outstanding innovation came from IDRO Co., Ltd—a Korean-based company founded in 2008. IDRO delivers a high-performance RFID reader portfolio with accumulated hardware design technology and firmware technology.

Leveraging its innovative vision, the company introduced the world’s only visible light RFID solution, the Glowfly Tag chip, which supports both ISO 18000-63 standards and visible RFID functions. IDRO’s Visible RFID System is the powerful convergence of visible light communication (VLC) and RFID technologies and can accurately read individual tags without errors at high volume. While UHF RFID faces the issue of misidentifying neighboring tags or reading unwanted tags because of its long-distance recognition nature, Glowfly eliminates this issue with its ability to identify tags precisely. IDRO’s solution contributes to the smart factory concept while establishing error-free operations in manufacturing and ensuring maximum performance and operational stability; thus, creating proven value for the users.

With the IoT gaining prominence, digitization of processes across verticals continues to be the biggest driver for RFID readers globally. With its strong commitment to innovation, IDRO understands these market trends, further strengthening its presence and relevance. The company systematically leverages the growth potential across both its core target markets and emerging areas of opportunities, while offering tailored wireless communication solutions using VLC and RFID for various industries, such as vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems, location positioning systems, and LED-ID systems. IDRO draws on its innovative power to meet the rising demand for efficient RFID and VLC solutions. The company expects to grow more than 50% annually over the next one to two years with the general RFID product line and the visible RFID product line. With its focus on innovation, Frost & Sullivan believes that IDRO is well positioned to achieve its objectives.

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