may, 2021

05may10:00 AM11:00 AM3 Remote Working Scenarios and their Impact on the Transportation LandscapeOnline | Strategies to Drive Your Organization ForwardWebinarCategory:Growth Opportunity Briefings

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Strategies to Drive Your Organization Forward

Mobility patterns across cities are highly influenced by Mega Trends, global events, changing work environments, and shifting industry structures, which have a direct correlation with commuting preferences. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is expected to affect the mobility industry for the foreseeable future. Industries and organizations have been forced to rethink the possibilities of their workforce working from home while staff considers new remote working set-ups away from congested cities.

This could lead to drastic short-term and possible long-term impacts on industries, the workforce, and the mobility market. In the short term, reduced vehicle usage would be a direct outcome. Consequently, a sustained ripple effect on private car registrations, public transit and new mobility solution adoption, trip patterns, urbanization and infrastructure requirements could disrupt the entire mobility industry. The evolving dynamics and rise in remote working trends are expected to significantly impact overall mobility patterns by 2030.

Key benefits of attending this webinar:

• Understand the implications of remote working on the global transportation landscape, including car ownership vis-à-vis shared mobility usage and employee commuting patterns.
• Discover how and why shared mobility operators, technology platform providers, and OEMs will benefit from and/or be disrupted by the expected impact on mobility outflow, plans for buying a vehicle and modal shifts such as increased usage of shared mobility and active transportation modes.
• Learn how businesses can capitalize on the seismic changes happening in the industry to build a more robust growth pipeline by tapping strategies such as supplying new mobility solutions (including bike sharing, corporate ride hailing, demand responsive transit, flexible subscription packages, and mobility budget) and driving business with new vehicle segments.


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