may, 2020

14may11:00 AM12:00 PM6 Growth Opportunities in the Global Power Industry Sparked by COVID-19Online | Short-term Impact and Future Growth Opportunities in a Time of DisruptionWebinarCategory:Growth Opportunity Briefings

Global Power Industry Webinar


(Thursday) 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



7550 1H, 10 W Dr Suite 400

Event Details

Although the situation continues to evolve rapidly, it is already clear that COVID-19 is going to have a significant impact on the global economy. For the energy sector, there have been immediate outcomes. The price of oil has declined steeply, industrial electricity demand has fallen sharply in leading global economies, and power projects have been put on short-term hold. What could happen next for the industry? Is this a short blip in the energy transition, or could it have long-term implications that significantly slow or even change the developments we have seen in the sector over the past decade?

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover ways power & utility companies can increase investment in digital solutions to improve the resiliency and efficiency of their operations.
  • See how oil & gas companies can increase investment in renewable energy to de-risk from dependence on oil & gas.
  • Understand the quick recovery of decentralized energy resources as battery energy storage continues its move to center stage.
  • Identify alternative business models to support the deployment of renewable energy.


Frost & 7550 1H, 10 W Dr #400, San Antonio, TX 78229