february, 2021

10feb6:00 AM7:00 AMThe Future for GCC: Key Industries and Top 10 Investment Growth OpportunitiesOnline | What will the economy look like in 2025?WebinarCategory:Growth Opportunity Briefings

Gulf Cooperation Council Webinar


(Wednesday) 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM



7550 1H, 10 W Dr Suite 400

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What will be the largest contributors to the GCC economy?

What are expected to be the fastest-growing segments/opportunities within the contributing sectors from now until 2025?

With anti-COVID vaccines getting rolled out, governments and corporations are announcing ambitious growth plans and aggressively putting in support measures to rebuild the economy, stimulate cash flow and build a sustainable growth trajectory that will shape the future of the economy. Frost & Sullivan is actively advising government agencies and some of the largest, fastest-growing firms partnering to build accelerated and resilient growth plans.

Gain insights into what is to come:

1. 2021-2022 expectations
2. 2025 state of the economy
3. The changing geopolitical scenario
4. Growth sectors of the future
5. Building a modern oil-based economy
6. Services, logistics and infrastructure in a non-oil economy
7. Building advanced healthcare
8. The rapidly transforming mobility sector (automotive, aviation, supply chain, logistics)
9. Top 10 investment opportunities


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