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  • Engaging your expertise to support the transformational growth journey
  • A global network of experts working together to shape a future defined by growth

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Only the best get to be a part of Frost Growth Experts. Create a Frost Growth Experts profile and apply to join the program. The more your tell us about your background, the better your chances are to join the network.

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Once you’re accepted, Frost managers will send you project opportunities that match your skill set and availability. If the compensation and timeline work for you, click accept and get started.

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As you work on Frost projects, you’ll acquire valuable experience working on projects for some of the world’s most dynamic companies, and network with Frost analysts and your fellow experts.

Strategic Imperative
Benefits to You
Engagement Opportunities

Why this?

There is a great wealth of talent around the world, which needs to be more utilized due to location, lifestyle, work-at-home requirements, etc.

Why now?

The global economy is going through the next major transformation; every talent must be engaged to help the planet thrive and survive in the future. We can start today!

Why you?

Fully utilize all of your experience, education, strategic insights, and leadership to help shape the future.

Why Frost?

Frost & Sullivan has spent more than six decades focusing on the transformation of the global economy, investors, strategy, industries, and careers. Our global brand and footprint are the ideal leveraging tools to take your expertise to the world.

A Global Network of Experts: Expertise in industry, technology, career tracks, geography, perspective, strategy, best practices, and human and emotional intelligence.

Immediate Engagement Opportunities: Instant opportunity for client development, career development, and engagement in specific analytic and customer development projects.

Diversified Expertise: We encompass roles for each distinct expertise.

Limitless Global Reach: The Frost growth network is entirely global; there are no geographic or language restrictions.

OneFrost OneTeam: Every engagement involves a team of experts & coaches working together to bring a more powerful strategy, vision, and growth opportunities to the world.

Leverage your Expertise: Across various tools and models

  • 6 Career Tracks
  • 10 Growth Processes
  • 11 Practice Areas
  • Transformational Growth Journey
  • Global Territory Specialization
  • Industry/Sector Specialization

Global Client Development: Identify clients who will benefit from our joint efforts in their transformational growth journey, focusing on key growth opportunities.

Maximize Future Growth Potential: Opportunities for Experts to guide corporations, governments, and investors in exploring innovative growth opportunities.

Frost & Sullivan Institute: Opportunities to participate and contribute your expertise in addressing the Global Priorities through our nonprofit mission.

Professional Growth: Join comprehensive training and coaching to enhance your Analytical and Customer Engagement skills.

  • Leverage your skills across various models: Company analysis, understanding industry, career, or country transformations, and comprehending the ecosystems and value chains that drive these sectors.
  • Global Client Development: Identify clients who will benefit from our joint efforts in their transformational growth journey, focusing on key growth opportunities.
  • Guide the Future: Numerous opportunities for Experts to guide clients, government officials, and investors in exploring growth opportunities through our established Transformational Growth Journey, Think Tank Series, and The Growth Pipeline Dialogues. 
  • Frost & Sullivan Institute: Endless opportunities to volunteer and contribute your expertise in best practices and research to our nonprofit mission. 
  • Professional Growth: Gain certifications to become a Frost Growth Expert or Frost Growth Coach or join comprehensive training in analytical and sales skills.