Frost & Sullivan’s Energy webinar series delved into the topic, ‘Decarbonization Growth Opportunities for 2024.’ Led by industry experts, the session highlighted the advancements, hurdles, and growth prospects in the energy and oil and gas domain’s decarbonization endeavors.

The panel included John Raspin, Growth Expert, Partner, and Director at Frost & Sullivan; Jonathan Robinson, Growth Expert and VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan; Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Growth Expert and Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan; and Agustina DeSarriera, Growth Expert and Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Note: Gain valuable perspectives from these industry experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of the webinar.

  • Embracing Holistic Approach: Addressing the complexities of decarbonization requires a holistic approach covering the entire value chain, from carbon capture to utilization, and considering both Capex and Opex implications.
    Is your business strategically integrating carbon capture, utilization, and cost considerations across the value chain for growth?
  • Investing in Negative Emission Technologies: As emissions continue to rise, investing in negative emission technologies like Direct Air Capture (DAC) becomes imperative to achieve net zero targets by 2030 and beyond.
    Are your leadership devising technology strategies to achieve long-term sustainability goals?
  • Addressing Cost and Energy Challenges: Business leaders must tackle the high capital-intensive costs and address the substantial energy requirements associated with carbon capture technologies.
    How is your organization optimizing competitive strategies to address cost and energy challenges in decarbonization?
  • Emphasizing Utilization and Partnership: Combining carbon capture with utilization like manufacturing sustainable aviation fuel or building materials enhances profitability and attracts investment, necessitating cross-sector partnerships to scale technologies and foster industry visibility.
    In what ways is your company leveraging strategic partnerships to scale carbon capture technologies and drive industry visibility?
  • Harnessing Digital Solutions: Integration of digital solutions, including process optimization, energy management, and asset performance monitoring, is essential for efficient carbon capture operations.
    Are your teams leveraging disruptive digital technologies to optimize carbon capture operations and enhance efficiency?
  • Diversify into Future Fuels: With the growing demand for decarbonization, there is immense potential in the development of synthetic fuels or e-fuels. Investing in R&D for technologies like hydrogen production from renewable sources and sustainable aviation fuels can provide avenues for reducing carbon footprints and meeting net zero targets.
    How is your company strategizing investments to capitalize on the emerging landscape for future fuels and decarbonization technologies?

As the world strives towards a sustainable future, innovative solutions are emerging to confront the challenge of decarbonization. Amidst the dynamic realm of oil and gas, geographic initiatives are laying the groundwork for a cleaner future.  Join us in this crucial conversation on how global megatrends are impacting decarbonization within the industry. Together, let’s harness these advancements to propel growth, build resilience, and define new best practices, shaping a sustainable energy future beyond 2024.

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