Frost & Sullivan’s Homes and Buildings webinar series explored the theme ‘How Are Innovative Building Technologies and Services Optimizing CX?’ Led by industry experts, the session emphasized areas of growth for companies, innovation in products and technology, and the competitive environment in customer experience (CX).

The panel included Melvin Leong, Growth Expert and Senior Director at Frost & Sullivan; Janice Wung, Growth Expert and Industry Principal at Frost & Sullivan; and Suchitra Sriram, Growth Expert and Associate Director at Frost & Sullivan.

Note: Gain valuable perspectives from these industry experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of the webinar.

Embracing Industry Convergence: Fostering collaboration between building, energy, and ICT industries to unlock innovation in sustainable and occupant-centric building technologies.

How is your organization utilizing industry convergence to establish strategic partnerships and foster innovation in sustainable building technologies?

Prioritizing User Experience: Designing buildings with a focus on occupant comfort, wellbeing, and productivity through smart systems, sustainable practices, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation.

Is your organization prepared to drive growth by revolutionizing CX with cutting-edge building technologies?

Integrating Building Technology: Leveraging smart sensors and automated controls to optimize environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, air quality) for both occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

Are you leveraging disruptive technologies such as smart sensors to optimize energy and resource use while maintaining comfort levels?

Achieving Sustainable Occupant Experience: Striking a balance between sustainability and occupant comfort is essential for ensuring a positive occupant experience in built environments.

How are you implementing sustainability best practices in your buildings without sacrificing occupant comfort?


“By prioritizing occupants’ needs and actively involving them in the design stage up to the management operation stage, your environment can provide a functional, welcoming space that enhances our overall experience.”

 – Janice Wung
   Growth Expert
   Frost & Sullivan

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