Electronics & Measurement Industry

The ever-evolving electronics and measurement industry is experiencing dynamic growth driven by relentless technological innovation and an insatiable appetite for advancements. From the relentless pursuit of miniaturization in electronic components to the integration of sophisticated sensors and the seamless fusion of artificial intelligence (AI), the industry is at the forefront of a paradigm shift. The convergence of smart technologies, advanced sensors, and precise measurement capabilities is creating an ecosystem ripe with opportunities for innovation and strategic advancements.

Does your company have a strategy to capitalize on the growth opportunities that the fusion of electronics and measurement technologies offers?

What Strategic Imperatives Are Impacting the Electronic Test & Measurement Industry?

  • Driving Decarbonization in the Face of Climate Change: As global concerns over climate change mount, there’s an urgent call for sectors to rapidly decarbonize and move towards carbon neutrality. Urbanization, electrification, and advances in technology and sustainability are catalyzing investment in low-carbon solutions, particularly hydrogen. The industrial machines sector, amid regulatory, technological, and environmental shifts, is on the brink of a significant transformation within the next decade.
  • 6G – A Unified Approach to Speed, Latency, and Intelligence: By 2030, 6G will revolutionize wireless networks with 100 times the speed of 5G, supporting 10 million devices per square kilometre and offering peak data rates of 1000 Gbps. This advancement necessitates vendor innovation in seamless ecosystem integration, targeting minimal latency to improve user experience, and employing AI and machine learning (ML) for smarter network management. This streamlined approach emphasizes the need for cutting-edge, integrated testing solutions to unlock 6G’s full potential, merging unparalleled speed with intelligent and efficient connectivity.
  • Advancing Industrial Sustainability: Modern technologies are key to optimizing energy use and reducing emissions in the industrial sector. Efforts focus on improving energy efficiency, adopting renewable energy, and enhancing sustainability practices, including electric drives and integrated systems to boost efficiency. Embracing automation and energy intelligence further aids in monitoring and reducing energy consumption. With clean energy costs dropping, integrating renewable resources becomes increasingly viable for long-term sustainability. Investments in sustainable technologies across sectors aim to boost operational efficiency, meet regulatory demands, and secure a competitive advantage, ensuring the industry’s future viability.

How is your growth team leveraging these megatrends and investing in technologies for achieving organizational growth?

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Pioneering Next-Generation Ethernet Testing for a Hyperconnected World

VeEX shines in the terabit Ethernet Testing Solutions market, driven by demand for high bandwidth and data-hungry services like 5G, AI, IoT, and cloud computing. The company spearheads the lab-to-field transition of next-gen Ethernet technologies over 100GbE, with its innovative validation solutions catering to field applications. Hyperscalers catalyze this transition, demanding advancements from NEMs and semiconductor manufacturers for higher bandwidth capabilities. VeEX’s innovation is evident in its RXT-6400 platform, the industry’s 1st handheld 400GbE field testing solution, which also offers advanced optical transceiver tests—crucial for quick problem identification. Their products stand out for technological prowess, high adaptability, and flexibility. VeEX’s VeExpress offers a cloud-based solution for efficient software license management, reducing CAPEX, and optimizing OPEX. Additionally, EZ Remote ensures easy, secure global equipment access. Recognized for excellence, VeEX received Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Global Customer Value Leadership Award, highlighting its commitment to quality and innovation in 400GbE testing solutions.


This industry also grapples with significant obstacles that pose challenges to its sustained growth. One prominent hurdle is the relentless pace of technological evolution resulting in a growth gap, where smaller or less resourceful entities may find it challenging to keep up with industry leaders, potentially stifling progress. The growth of the Electronics & Measurements sector faces obstacles from market dynamics, such as the cyclical demand of end-user industries and stringent government policies. Additionally, intense competition from Asia-Pacific, notably China, and increased price sensitivity restrict Tier I and II vendors’ market opportunities.

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  • How is your team identifying and implementing best practices that support future growth potential?
  • What growth opportunities will help you and your team adapt to the transformation in the industry?

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