The shift towards digitalization in vehicles is giving rise to an increasingly transformative automotive landscape. While the vision of a fully ‘software-defined vehicle’ (SDV) is yet to be realized, consumer preferences are adapting to prefer advanced in-vehicle functionalities, including heads-up displays and sophisticated infotainment systems, powered by disruptive technologies like telematics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). This presents a golden opportunity for automakers to introduce innovative business models, such as on-demand features and in-vehicle app purchases. Furthermore, the digital mobility ecosystem is expanding beyond traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to encompass technology partners, tier 1 suppliers, cybersecurity solution providers, and service partners like payment gateways. As this transformation unfolds, the industry will continue to embrace customer-centricity, driving industrial convergence and bringing true SDVs closer to reality.

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Shaping the Digital Way: Ecosystem Players Driving Innovation and Growth
Despite the industry ongoing evolution, certain entities are demonstrating remarkable innovation, bridging the growth gap and setting new standards. In the SDV domain, a diverse mix of OEMs, tier 1s, and software development firms are leading the way. Similarly, the in-vehicle operating system (OS) domain boasts its own thriving ecosystem, from app development to real-time operating systems (RTOSes). Additionally, entities pioneering on-demand features like in-vehicle payments, infotainment systems, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are making great strides. Finally, the importance of cybersecurity automotive solutions cannot be overstated, given the vulnerability of software-oriented vehicles to security threats. Here’s an overview of the trailblazers in this industry and their initiatives:

SDV Development

  • Stellantis: This multinational automotive manufacturer, comprising 14 prominent vehicle brands, has teamed up with Amazon to introduce customer-first connected experiences across millions of vehicles, propelling forward the automotive giant’s software transformation.
  • Aptiv: As a key automotive technology supplier, Aptiv has solidified its position in the SDV landscape by acquiring Wind River, renowned for its real-time OSes. This acquisition has empowered Aptiv with a comprehensive value chain, spanning, ADAS, cockpit innovations, middleware, electronic architecture, and connectivity.

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In-Vehicle OS

  • Hyundai Connected Car OS (ccOS): Hyundai’s ccOS is designed to manage crucial aspects of connected car infrastructure, in-vehicle infotainment, and connectivity framework, which bodes well for Hyundai’s plan to enable over 20 million vehicles with software capabilities by 2025.
  • Nio: This Chinese automobile giant has partnered with AI computing company NVIDIA to enhance control over its software development value chain. Nio’s collaboration spans domains such as ADAS, intelligent chassis, and cockpit innovation for its in-vehicle OS.

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On-Demand Features

  • Volvo Pay: Representing the rise in in-vehicle payment features, Volvo Pay promises a flexible payment system, allowing transactions via the vehicle dashboard. The product assures a convenient link between Volvo Group’s services and in-vehicle experiences.
  • Harman Ignite Store: Owned by Samsung, Harman Ignite Store provides a smartphone-like interface, enabling users to interact with third-party applications directly on the vehicle infotainment system. With a global presence, robust automaker partnerships, and industry-first solutions, this Store leads the in-vehicle app domain for connected vehicles.

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Automotive Cybersecurity

  • Argus Cyber Security: Leading automotive cybersecurity company Argus has been at the forefront of combating challenges arising from vehicle digitalization since 2013. With a focus on regulatory compliance, engineering solutions, testing, and operations, Argus offers a holistic approach to neutralizing all forms of digital threat.
  • Cybellum: Serving prominent clients like BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Jaguar Land Rover, Cybellum provides a comprehensive platform to address the entire product security workflow. The company facilitates OEMs in maintaining cyber-secure and compliant connected vehicles throughout the product lifecycle.

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Is your organization embracing innovative business models, forging strategic partnerships, and leveraging technological disruptions to fuel growth in the digital mobility landscape?
Ready to Harness Best Practices from Ecosystem Leaders to Thrive Amidst the Digital Mobility Transformation?
Today, dominant players are strategically positioning themselves for long-term success; however, for new entrants, this presents a unique opportunity to forge new partnerships, explore innovative approaches, and maximize revenue potential amidst the industry’s expansion, even in the short term. This approach can propel them to industry leadership. Proactive companies are already exploring a combination of customer-centric strategies and software-driven applications that enhance the customer experience, along with technologies that augment vehicle safety, personalization, and autonomous decision-making supported by robust actionable intelligence. With the potential for continuous innovation and growth, the possibilities are limitless for those willing to embrace the journey ahead.

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