The transformative landscape of software and digital mobility is unveiling one of the most diverse business ecosystems within the automotive industry. Forward-thinking original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are spearheading this evolution, envisioning fully software-defined vehicles (SDVs) and aiming to shift from a hardware-centric to a software-driven approach right from the vehicle development stage. This transformation is bringing together the following participants:

  • OEMs and emerging startups are collaborating towards tomorrow’s SDV revolution, especially with disruptive technologies spanning electrification, autonomous driving, shared mobility, and connectivity undergoing convergence.
  • Technology partners, ranging from telematics solutions providers (TSPs) to automotive cybersecurity solution providers, are playing a crucial role in empowering OEMs with applications and support derived from vehicle connectivity.
  • In-vehicle operating system (OS) developers are integrating core software platforms into vehicle architecture, laying the foundation to expand software-driven features and functionalities.
  • Middleware providers are intuitively integrating hardware and software components, enhancing system interoperability and overall performance.
  • Governments and regulatory bodies are ensuring data privacy, compliance, and standardization within the ecosystem.
  • Forward-thinking leasing and rental companies are already leveraging connectivity features and will continue to explore emerging digital mobility technologies as they evolve.

With a vast and dynamic ecosystem at your disposal, which collaborative partnerships will help your teams maximize sustained growth and innovation?    


Strategic Imperatives Compelling Ecosystem Players to Revisit Their Growth Strategies

Transformative Megatrends

Consumer awareness of features such as safety and security is driving the development of decision parameters within vehicles, paving the way for increased collaboration in segments such as cybersecurity, usage-based insurance, telematics, vehicle data, and software (SW) platforms.

Industry Convergence

A profound ecosystem integration is underway, involving automakers, suppliers, technology providers, and other non-traditional players, committed to transition from the hardware-centric model of SDV development to a software-oriented approach.

Internal Challenges

The shortage of talented engineers with expertise in hardware and automotive engineering is posing a significant challenge to the industry. Enhancing recruitment and talent management policies or allying with technology players with the requisite expertise, especially across cybersecurity, software stack development, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT).

Which technology companies are driving convergence and collaboration in the SDV landscape?

In a business environment ripe with opportunities in the automotive domain, technology companies are experiencing exponential growth and finding themselves at the forefront of previously uncharted domains. Here’s a brief overview of some transformative technology partners, all of whom are beneficiaries of industry convergence and key collaborators in the SDV transformation:

Snapdragon Digital Chassis: This cloud-connected platform continuously senses and processes data from both inside and outside modern vehicles. It offers a unified architecture, enabling OEMs to subscribe to individual platforms, serving as the electronic backbone for next-generation vehicles. Learn more.

Elektrobit: The automotive software company provides a flexible solution for car infrastructure, connectivity, and security, among other applications. Its partnerships with Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, and Sony Honda Mobility’s Afeela prototype relay important examples of how a dedicated technology player can offer valuable support to large OEMs. Learn more.

Wind River: Wind River, now under the umbrella of global automotive technology supplier Aptiv, showcases the potential of mergers and acquisitions to fuel transformative growth. With a solution portfolio encompassing Edge sync technology, over-the-air updates, software lifecycle management, and more, Wind River has forged alliances with key OEMs like Ford, Hyundai Mobis, and Clarion. Learn more.

Cybellum Digital Twins Platform: This innovative platform generates accurate digital replicas — a cyber digital twin — of each vehicle component. It runs threat analysis and monitoring solutions to detect and remediate potential vulnerabilities. After incorporating Cybellum Digital Twins Platform, Nissan reported an 80% decrease in mean time to detect vulnerabilities, allowing for the identification of known and unknown threats with minimal human intervention. Learn more.

Are you harnessing the best practices of influential technology players to fortify your growth strategy in the industry?

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