Amid the automotive industry’s pandemic-induced slowdown, coupled with supply chain constraints and semiconductor shortages, a silver lining is emerging. With numerous owned vehicles idling and new vehicle prices soaring, leasing, rental, subscriptions, and other innovative business models are gaining prominence. This transformation is helping fuel a diverse ecosystem across leasing for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles (LCVs), and even medium and heavy commercial vehicles (MHCVs). Various forms of leasing, such as operating leasing and finance leasing, as well as electric vehicle (EV) leasing and used-vehicle leasing, are emerging as viable options. Technology providers offering fleet telematics solutions are also finding success by enhancing monitoring and leasing-based functionalities for providers.

Are you aware of the growth opportunities that could help you stay ahead of the competition in the leasing and rental industry?

In such a dynamic environment, achieving competitive success and fostering innovation necessitate a data-driven growth and innovation strategy, derived from the right actionable intelligence.

However, is your organization addressing the below growth challenges that can hinder you from collecting, visualizing, and leveraging intuitive data?

Limited Access to Data-Driven Visual Platforms

Many industry players lack access to intuitive data intelligence and analysis platforms, particularly those integrating smart visualizations and dashboards. Even the top ecosystem players struggle to leverage perspectives from diverse sources, conduct precise regional analysis, evaluate different business approaches, and monitor top solution providers – to build a robust growth pipeline.

Lack of Customization

Despite access to extensive actionable intelligence, navigating through vast information can be overwhelming. Hence, a customized visual data platform can help cater to specific needs. Users should be able to tailor reports according to targeted regions, industry comparisons, vehicle models, providers, and other relevant aspects.

Absence of Adequate Support

Understanding and navigating the fleet leasing and rental value chain can be complex, rendering a data-driven platform insufficient on its own. The right expert support and curation are essential for strategic planning and decision-making, scouting perspectives and shifts, building technological roadmaps, and providing detail-oriented analysis to extract growth opportunities from such platforms.

Limited Innovation Approaches

While deriving and analyzing information is crucial, leveraging it to identify growth opportunities across the leasing domain demands innovation. This involves utilizing information from the data to identify suitable partnerships, potential mergers or acquisitions, determining optimal leasing business models, and devising effective commercialization strategies.

What if we told you that Frost & Sullivan’s Fleet Leasing & Rental Growth Generator can adeptly overcome these hurdles and steer you toward optimal growth opportunities?

  • Access a comprehensive repository spanning over 50 European countries and covering all vehicle types, including passenger vehicles, LCVs, and MHCVs. The data encompasses various powertrains, from petrol and diesel to battery EVs and hybrids, with historical data from 2015 to 2023 and projections from 2024 to 2027. Additionally, the platform includes perspectives into all types of leasing and fleet telematics.
  • Utilize advanced data visualization tools for in-depth analysis, including visual comparative analysis and interactive graphics. These tools provide a deeper understanding of the data compared to traditional statistics-driven platforms commonly found in the leasing and rental industry.
  • Leverage personalized growth opportunities tailored to your needs, empowering you to identify industry gaps, suitable partners, acquisition targets, optimal business models, and lucrative use cases for monetization. The platform offers diverse perspectives and actionable strategies essential for developing a robust growth pipeline.
  • Customize the Fleet Leasing & Rental Growth Generator to align with your company vision, regional priorities, and strategic shifts. Pair the Growth Generator with dedicated analyst support for unlimited access to Frost & Sullivan’s team of Growth Experts, ensuring you remain ahead of the curve in your industry.
  • Rest assured of the highest standards of data privacy with this intuitive data platform, ensuring all interactions are encrypted and compliant with international data privacy laws, safeguarding your sensitive information.


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