Featuring an agenda packed with exclusive announcements, panel discussions, product presentations, and customer testimonials, the Motive Vision 24 Innovation Summit ran April 9-10, 2024 in Nashville. The program offered attendees a wealth of knowledge and practical ideas on how Motive’s AI-powered solutions can significantly improve the operations of businesses operating in industries ranging from trucking and logistics to construction, and passenger transport, food and beverage, agriculture, energy, and even waste services.

Motive’s approach is simple – and effective: the company’s driving concept is to leverage the power of a fully integrated, AI-powered operations platform that can be used across the Safety, Operations, Risk Management, and Finance Teams of companies to manage their equipment, fleet, employees, vehicles, and spend in a unified, integrated way. The result? Safer, more productive, and more profitable operations.

A New Level of AI Computer Vision

Kicking off the conference with his keynote address, Motive CEO and co-founder Shoaib Makani announced the addition of new AI computer vision capabilities to the company’s Integrated Operations Platform. Joining Motive’s existing AI Dashcam and AI Omnicam computer vision offerings, the new addition will be the first and only general-purpose computer vision solution purpose-built for physical operations. Makani explained now its customers operating across a wide range of industries, including construction, waste services, and transportation and logistics, will gain more visibility into their operations than ever before.

Leveraging the capabilities of Motive’s versatile AI Omnicam, the new AI computer vision functionality will unlock potentially endless possibilities for users to quickly develop and deploy precise, tailor-made AI models that address their unique use cases. Motive’s expanded AI computer vision’s value naturally extends beyond Driver Safety Solutions and caters to a broad range of applications across all industries. Examples of use cases will include:

  • Alerts in Urban Environment about pedestrians and cyclists in blind spots of vehicles
  • Real-time detection of access to vehicles, trailers, and cargo outside of authorized hours or locations, and alerts that cargo is not properly tied down
  • Detection of workers not properly wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE) on construction and other hazardous job sites
  • Overfilled bins for waste management service operators

Accident Prevention

If there was one attribute Motive would stand for even more than its drive for integration, there is no doubt it would be safety, especially given that road fatalities far exceeded 40,000 in 2023 in the United States. Driver safety is at the heart of Motive’s mission, and one way the company delivers on this commitment is through the eye of its AI Dashcam.

The Motive AI Dashcam detects more than 15 unsafe behaviors, boasts an Ambarella CV22 processor for edge computing, and offers the ultrawide 1440p HD video at 30 fps. Paired together with Motive’s AI Omnicam for side, rear, and cargo monitoring, the technology provides 360-degree visibility around vehicles and other assets.

Leveraging the capabilities of its advanced AI models, Motive’s Driver Safety solution also provides real-time, in-cab alerts that help coach and develop drivers out of potentially unsafe habits and reinforce safe behaviors. Everybody wins at this game: fewer accidents, increased uptime, lower insurance rates, and far lower risk exposure.

Ride-along opportunities at Vision 24 provided an up-close look at the technology on board with two of Motive’s Nashville-based luxury motorcoach customers, Dreamliner Luxury Coaches and Encore Luxury Coaches. The luxurious coaches were operated by skilled drivers who appreciated the increased visibility and safety benefits of their AI Dashcams. Discussions with the drivers and safety managers, and demonstrations of the Motive dashboard while en route to the Grand Ole Opry reinforced the ever-growing demand for technologies that help companies keep their people safe, mitigate risk, and protect their assets.

And, because different companies have unique business needs, the Motive Driver Safety solution can be configured to adapt to the needs and conditions of each specific operator. The Motive platform offers users the flexibility to customize the levels of incident severity and frequency that trigger alerts, adjust the criteria for capturing and uploading videos, and customize how driver behaviors impact their Safety Scores.

Of course, the conditions to deliver outstanding safety results hinge on AI accuracy, specifically these three key elements: the ability to detect unsafe behaviors; conversely, the reliability in confirming there is no false detection; and lastly, low latency, meaning that any behavior is swiftly detected for alert and correction before there is a consequence.

Industry-leading AI Performance

In this respect, a landmark AI dash cam benchmarking study performed less than a year ago by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute concluded that Motive’s AI Dashcam successfully alerted drivers to six unsafe driving behaviors 86% of the time, which was 3-4 times more than the other two competitors in the study!

And the pace at which Motive continues developing AI models to identify unsafe behaviors is doubling every year. In 2023, Motive added detection of stop sign violations, driver distraction, unsafe lane changes, and camera obstruction, which were in addition to the existing capabilities of close following, cell phone use, seat belt violations, and Face Match that were introduced in 2021 and 2022.

For 2024, Motive’s AI pattern detection models will include drowsiness, forward collision

warning, lane swerving, unsafe parking, red light violations, and smoking, in addition to adding features that reward positive driving behaviors.

Bottom Line Results

Motive’s experience is that 91% of its customers report experiencing a significant reduction in at-fault accidents in their organizations since adopting its Driver Safety solution. To illustrate, Aptive Environmental’s President and COO Leonard Carder shared that, “with 2,300 drivers on the road, we saw an 80% reduction in incidents in just a few weeks,” during a customer “fireside chat” session.

Faster Help on the Way

While an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, not all incidents can be avoided. When incidents such as collisions happen, first responders may take 10-19 minutes to arrive on scene, with delayed responses taking an even heavier toll considering fatalities could potentially be reduced by 13% for every minute that first responders arrive faster. To make matters worse, about 54% of fatal crashes involving large trucks have historically occurred in rural areas, which further underscores the importance of communicating all critical details as fast as possible.

Upon detection of a severe collision, the HD footage of the event is uploaded to the Motive cloud, with a safety team reviewing the video in 30 seconds or less. Motive’s upcoming First Responder feature also announced at Vision 24 will concurrently and automatically send key incident data and identification elements – precise location, orientation, make, model, color, and other important information – directly to the local EMS on behalf of the fleet, while simultaneously notifying safety managers. Safety managers will also be able to initiate the 911 call themselves.

Visibility and Insights for Efficient Spend and Fleet Management

With safety covered, Motive leaves few stones unturned when it comes to further improving the bottom line – even in those areas that were previously difficult to tackle, or for which there was only limited visibility.

Take fuel fraud prevention as an example: we all know that fraud risks exist and may even represent 19% of a company’s fleet spend according to Motive’s survey of 1,000 business leaders in industries with physical operations. But the ways to prevent fraud are not all that obvious.

Motive’s fleet card, Motive Card, not only adds an intrinsic layer of card security by requiring users to unlock their cards before use through the Motive app on an assigned phone for spend approval, but the system also automatically measures fuel tank level and performs a reconciliation with the volume of fuel purchased to ensure the two match. Furthermore, the fact that the data capture of verified fuel receipts, locations, and routes of the vehicles occurs in the single, integrated Motive platform allows users to automate the generation of fuel tax reports, which is otherwise a tedious and time-consuming task that has traditionally consumed significant resources every month.

The benefits of Motive Card do not stop there, as the card also offers savings on fuel, tires, maintenance, and other repairs at more than 25,000 locations in its network. Although historically, in-network savings opportunities haven’t necessarily ensured employees always prioritize network savings for their companies.

To address this issue, the Motive platform can geolocate fuel purchases, simultaneously identify alternatives, and generate reports highlighting how refueling at nearby network locations can save the company money. Such “lost savings” reports are valuable tools to help educate and coach employees.

Motive Beacon

There are certainly many more examples of the extra benefits the native integration of functions on a single platform like Motive can offer in terms of synergies, opportunities for automation, and performance. And based on the experience at Vision 24, it’s clear Motive is also delivering a new level of visibility and intelligence to asset and equipment management at an even more granular level than just vehicles.

With a considerable number of assets – even smaller ones such as tools – involved in physical operations businesses, it is no surprise that 44% of business leaders surveyed by Motive report losing track of one or more pieces of equipment every month.

While this can traditionally be solved on major units with GPS tracking, in cases that GPS does not work reliably, or when assets are smaller, are not powered, or do not justify such an investment, the new Bluetooth-based Motive Beacon the company announced at Vision 24 will take on the task to track and locate assets of all sizes:

  • For indoor tracking, the Motive Beacon will connect to the Motive Beacon Gateway, and provide directional guidance and positioning to speed up searches
  • When outdoors, the Motive Beacon will alternately connect to the broader Motive Mesh virtual network of 2 million-plus active Motive-linked devices as soon as it comes within range.

Such tracking can also prove to be extremely helpful in preventing theft or retrieving stolen assets.

Frost & Sullivan Perspective

Following years of evolution in terms of products, features and capabilities delivered through AI, it is clear that Motive’s offering has not only gained broad acceptance but has become a reference in terms of Safety, Support to the Operations, and Contribution to Profitability.

After such an infusion of technology and brilliant applications demonstrated at Vision 24 and every day on the road, one can wonder what is next for Motive. In this area, a discussion with Jai Ranganathan, Motive’s Chief Product Officer, confirms a robust pace of development going forward. Ranganathan outlined possibilities that appear almost endless for how an integrated platform can further combine and leverage AI Driver Safety, Spend Management, Fleet Management, and Equipment Monitoring, while continuously evolving from the role of prevention to an increasingly prescriptive function. Although not formally discussed, one can also only think how a possible evolution to 5G telematics may be a further game changer.

Trust in these further developments is in fact certainly well in the back of Motive’s customers’ minds, too. But, it was striking that in casual discussions with current customers, the first element to surface was in fact without an exception something else: from a luxury coach company obsessed with safety to a mid-size specialized fleet operating in the Northeast, and from a larger heavy transportation company in the South to an ever larger, still “top secret” LTL player, all of them pointed to the outstanding customer service and support that they received from Motive as what they truly appreciated the most.

Of course, all of these companies made the choice to adopt Motive as their service provider after doing their homework, and thoroughly assessing and evaluating the technical capabilities and functionalities offered by Motive’s platform. Yet, when it comes to efficiently managing their day-to-day operations, to be able to count on impeccable support and backup is invaluable.

This jived well to confirm the compelling customer testimonials that were officially shared throughout the summit. The future looks safe and bright with Motive.

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