Frost & Sullivan recently convened an insightful electric vehicles (EVs) webinar, delving into the revolutionary concept of electric vehicles as virtual power plants (VPPs) and their potential to reshape electric power infrastructure. This engaging discussion united visionary leaders to explore pivotal growth opportunities, navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, and reveal best practices to achieve competitive success in the energy and automotive ecosystems.

The following experts collectively brainstormed to craft transformative perspectives: Robert Camm, Growth Expert and Senior Consultant at Frost & Sullivan; Dr. Jose Serras Pereira​, Growth Expert and Consulting Director at Frost & Sullivan; Jonathan Robinson, Growth Expert and Global Power and Energy Research Leader at Frost & Sullivan; and Prajyot Sathe, Growth Expert and Research Manager, Mobility, at Frost & Sullivan.

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EV as a Virtual Power Plant: The emergence of VPPs, capable of harnessing energy from diverse sources and distributing it to power grids, presents an ideal opportunity for EV manufacturers and technology providers. As EVs increasingly contribute to this landscape, they will become pivotal assets for the grid, spawning numerous growth opportunities and paving the way for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology.
Are you venturing into innovative realms like VPP to achieve competitive success and differentiate your EV offerings?

V2G and Evolving Consumer Preferences: Early adopters of EVs, whether businesses or individuals, are increasingly acknowledging the multifaceted advantages of V2G beyond its environmental impact. With its promise of cost savings, enhanced vehicle usage, and synergy with cutting-edge automotive tech, V2G offers fertile ground for widespread adoption.
How is your leadership harnessing the fundamental advantages of V2G to drive your company’s sustained growth in this lucrative industry?

From Niche to Mainstream: Significant growth is forecasted in bidirectional onboard charging, enabling EVs to both supply and draw energy from the grid. This rapid transformation, which will only accelerate as the decade unfolds, is sparking enthusiasm among industry stakeholders and directing attention towards this pioneering technology.
Is your company exploring bidirectional onboard charging and other disruptive technologies to gain a competitive edge in the EV domain?

Opportunities for Strategic Partnerships: To fully capitalize on V2G technology and expand its applications, strategic alliances through joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions between automotive firms and broader energy systems are imperative. Such collaborations facilitate rapid technological advancement while addressing challenges hindering growth in the sector.
Are your growth strategists prepared to forge strategic alliances with key ecosystem players to capitalize on this transformative technology?

Navigating Regulatory and Regional Complexities: Current regulations often favor investments in networks and new capacity over V2G, which faces persistent scrutiny and resistance. Moreover, diverse regions present unique challenges; for instance, the US boasts fragmented regulations across various electricity sectors, leading to pricing disparities and a complex multi-market environment.
Is your company developing a regional strategy to overcome regulatory challenges and advance your growth pipeline?

Jonathan Robinson
“The evolution of regulatory frameworks to support flexibility within the energy system, combined with higher energy costs and software maturity are all driving the growth of the virtual power plant sector.”


Jonathan Robinson, Growth Expert and Global Power and Energy Research Leader at Frost & Sullivan

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