This Frost Perspective provides an insight into the trends shaping the market, viewership and subscription forecast, OTT video ecosystem, brief overview of the content catalog of leading market participants by language, and other factors

By Vidya S Nath, Director, and, Aafia Bathool, Research Analyst, Digital Media Practice, Frost & Sullivan

It is established through various forums in the media industry that ‘non-linear video is the way forward’. Video-on-demand (VOD), or, if you were willing to expand the definition a little bit, over-the-top (OTT) video is disrupting viewership trends across the world. By 2020, at least 40% of all video viewed will be over broadband connected platforms. These platforms include individual OTT services or converged Pay TV & OTT services. Either way change is imminent.

From an analyst lens, we have been trying to measure the speed at which that inflection will occur over the timeline; the business opportunity for stakeholders in the media universe; as well as the change in the market landscape. Our team has been closely tracking trends and developments that will likely have a near term and mid-term impact over the growth of the market, by classifying developments in investments, product and service launches, partnerships and content strategies. This article provides an overview of the MENA OTT Services Market in 2017 and proffers an outlook for 2018.

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