In a riveting conversation on the Eye on Health podcast by Dubai Eye 103.8 Show, Frost & Sullivan’s, Reenita Das, Partner & Senior Vice President, HLS, delved into the heart of Femtech, spotlighting critical issues and groundbreaking solutions.

During the conversations following points were explored:

  • Reenita’s passion for Femtech and its impact.
  • The transformative potential of reallocating healthcare funding for women. Real-life applications of Femtech and its role in women’s lives.
  • Femtech’s influence on women’s health in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.
  • Addressing reluctance, especially in older age groups, towards Femtech.
  • Future of Femtech: Predictions for the next decade.

The conversation goes beyond statistics, unraveling the complexities and challenges surrounding women’s health.

Watch the full podcast, where Reenita Das paints a compelling picture of Femtech’s potential impact on women’s health here:

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