In the dynamic landscape of precision health, competitive benchmarking is a vital catalyst for future growth. By meticulously assessing industry peers and rivals, precision health companies are unearthing invaluable perspectives into evolving megatrends, disruptive technologies, and best practices in precision medicine, big data and analytics, digital health technologies, IoT and wearables, genomics, and precision diagnostics. This strategic analysis is not only uncovering areas of improvement but also inspiring innovation and fostering adaptive strategies.


Is your company leveraging competitive benchmarking as a strategic imperative to enhance its growth and competitiveness?

Through the lens of competitive benchmarking, precision health companies are gaining a profound understanding of industry dynamics, customer needs, and disruptive forces, enabling them to recalibrate their growth pipeline and unlock untapped potentials. Acknowledging the transformative potential of competitive benchmarking is crucial, enabling teams to refine growth pipelines, foster innovation, and establish themselves as frontrunners through meticulous analysis and strategic perspectives.



Can Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar™ be your partner of choice in your competitive benchmarking strategies?

Considering the imperatives listed above, Frost Radar™ emerges as an ideal partner for your competitive benchmarking strategies. The Frost Radar™ serves as a powerful analytical tool for conducting a comprehensive ‘Growth Audit’ across various industries, evaluating key companies on essential criteria related to innovation and growth. Our primary goal is to assist clients in fostering innovation and accelerating growth. Utilize this distinctive competitive benchmarking tool to elevate your future growth potential significantly.


In the constantly evolving landscape of precision health, the Frost Radar™ serves as an indispensable tool for navigating the complexities of the industry. It not only offers a comprehensive understanding into the competitive environment but also empowers organizations to identify and leverage their unique strengths within this highly contested field.


Aarti Chitale

Growth Expert

Frost & Sullivan


Frost Radar™: Asia-Pacific Contract Research Organizations, 2023

With a staggering number of over 6,000 molecules undergoing clinical development and an additional 11,000 in preclinical phases globally, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is a high growth hub with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) driving growth. Small- to mid-sized pharma/biotech players in APAC are rivaling Europe in clinical trials through multiple CRO partnerships in the region, tapping into a population-rich landscape. Leveraging affordable technology, APAC is emerging as an ideal hub for remote clinical trials, while some of its top CROs are dominating the global market, offering diverse services and a 30-50% cost advantage over western counterparts in the $50+ billion industry.

Frost & Sullivan identified 19 CROs demonstrating excellence in growth and innovation. Click here to download the Frost Radar now for a comprehensive analysis of these companies’ profiles, including details on their competitive standing, best practices, innovative approaches, and growth strategies.

Is your growth team ensuring effective benchmarking against the top performing companies in Precision Health, aligning with industry best practices?


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