At Frost & Sullivan, we are proud to participate as a media partner for the 9th Latin American Technology and Business America Digital Congress, a massive event that will connect 200 leading global and regional technology providers with decision-makers from Mexico and Latin America.

During the event, over two thousand 1-on-1 business meetings will take place, generating an economic impact of around 100 million dollars on the digital economy of Mexico and Latin America.


Mexico, spearheading digital transformation in the region

Mexico is one of the three most innovative countries in the region, according to the 2023 Global Innovation Index by WIPO, and the country with the most advances in the implementation of digital transformation within companies across various industries.

Investment in Artificial Intelligence platforms is demonstrating this growth, as companies in the country will invest 98 million dollars this year, according to data from the CIO Strategy Guide 2024 by IDC.

In this context, the 9th America Digital Mexico Congress becomes one of the most relevant events to showcase the main trends in digital transformation: IoT and automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, cloud, data storage, telecommunications and connectivity, open banking, cybersecurity, 5G network, fintech, and the implementation of digital transformation in various industries.

In a 20,000 m² space, attendees can participate in 10 activities designed to enhance networking, exchange experiences, and generate business over the two days of the event.

Participation of leading companies

Leading brands like AT&T, Fortinet, Bli, Pure Storage, Zebra, Okta, Seguridad América, Monday, Cloudflare, TCG Process, Ubiquiti, Iron Mountain, Canon, Liferay, Bright Data, Ivanti, Upago, AnyDesk, Partoo, Hugues, Zoho, Facephi, Grupo Scanda, Cradlepoint, and the Invest in El Salvador pavilion, among other companies, will be presenting their solutions on the exhibition floor.

100 speakers at the event

Opinion leaders from Latin America will participate in a program of 4 specialized forums on artificial intelligence, digital transformation, digital banking and fintech; telecommunications and connectivity; success stories, and keynote speeches.

The keynote program includes Mitch Lowe, Co-Founding Senior Executive of Netflix, who will share his experiences and lessons learned from creating the largest streaming platform; and Erika Piirmets, Digital Transformation Adviser at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, who will talk about the most digitalized country in the world.

The program will also feature Rodolfo Rigante, CIO of L’Oréal Latin America; Mauricio Alarcón H, Chief Data Officer of ITALIKA; José Luis Peralta Higuera, Coordinator of Digital Transformation at IFT; Sergio Torres Lebrija, Innovation, Strategy & Sustainability Head – Digital Banking at BBVA; Gunja Gargeshwari, Chief Revenue Officer at Bright Data; Jorge Miranda, General Director of Fortinet Mexico; Léa Puteaux, Digital Project Director of Local SEO at Partoo, and many more.


Connect and expand your network

The networking experience is enhanced with a mobile app that allows filtering profiles, scheduling meetings, and participating in video calls, as well as specific areas in the WTC to facilitate interactions between attendees, exhibitors, and speakers.

Attendees will be able to connect with the 5,000 CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, CDOs, CISOs, and innovation and digital transformation leaders from telcos, banks, retail, industries, as well as government authorities from Mexico and Central America, who participate in more than two thousand 1-on-1 business meetings generated at the Congress over the two days of the event.

The event will also be attended by business missions from two countries worldwide, seeking to open markets in Mexico, Central America, and the rest of Latin America, the region with the highest technological and innovation growth in the last decade.

If you are a business leader, technology expert, or interested in understanding the impact of digital technologies on society and the economy, this event is an opportunity you should not miss. More information here.


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