Clarius-Mobile-Health-Award-LogoSAN ANTONIO, TX. – July 27, 2022 – Recently Frost & Sullivan analyzed the North American portable ultrasound industry, and based on its findings, recognizes Clarius Mobile Health with the 2022 North American Portable Ultrasound Technology Innovation Leadership Award. The company developed the revolutionary Clarius HD3, a third-generation line of app-based wireless handheld scanners that enable physicians from a wide range of specialties to use ultrasound for fast diagnosis and safe procedures. Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners connect with Apple and Android devices, which most physicians already carry with them. Clarius sets itself apart from other handheld ultrasound systems with its exceptional imaging quality that rivals expensive cart-based systems, wireless connectivity, and seven specialty scanners with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed to automatically optimize clarity and workflows for different anatomy and applications.

Clarius HD3 scanners incorporate the latest antenna technology to provide a reliable, direct WI-FI  connection to clinicians’ Android and iOS devices, enabling users to perform and view ultrasound scans without needing any cables or ports, thus offering a hassle-free experience. Furthermore, these wireless scanners, with dimensions similar to a smartphone and weighing only 290 grams, allow clinicians to take the device to different clinical settings, even in remote locations. Clinicians can effortlessly perform ultrasound scans at the point of care anywhere, thus improving access to ultrasound imaging for underserved patient populations. Clarius HD3 wireless ultrasound scanners use 192 piezoelectric elements that facilitate scanning to the depth of up to 40 centimeters (cm), which is significantly deeper than competitive handheld ultrasound systems.

Neeraj Nitin Jadhav, an Industry Analyst, said “Clarius HD3 wireless scanners, unlike wired handheld ultrasound devices with 1 to 2 beamformers, use 8 beamformers for increased data processing and frame rates, thus delivering sharper and smoother patient images in the Clarius App and enabling high-definition imaging to facilitate accurate disease diagnoses in patients.”

Clarius scanners are available to clinicians at a substantially lower cost than laptop-based and wired handheld ultrasound systems. With a membership bundle starting at $2,995 and an annual membership fee of $595, Clarius gives access to specialty packages with advanced imaging modes, including elastography for mapping the stiffness and elastic properties of soft tissues. It also enables needle visualization with linear scanners, and a pulsed-wave Doppler option to provide clinicians with vital clinical insights, all while allowing clinicians to perform scans more affordably. Included with the membership, Clarius Live effectively uses ultrasound telemedicine to provide medical practitioners with the ability to guide, monitor, and review ultrasound exams from a distance with colleagues. This feature on the Clarius App enables members to broadcast live ultrasound imaging to other practitioners of their choice, allowing the latter to view the scans on any standard browser on their smartphones or computers.

“The line of Clarius HD3 wireless handheld scanners and the Clarius Ultrasound App deliver an unmatched high-definition ultrasound imaging process and hassle-free experience to clinicians. Clarius deliver high-performance imaging in an easy-to-use solution that is fast gaining traction in hospitals and clinics alike across specialties,” explained Jadhav.

The C3 HD3 multipurpose or PA HD3 scanners use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the patient’s anatomy at the macro level when performing ultrasound. Trained using tens of thousands of ultrasound images from the company’s database, ML and AI enable the scanners to accurately recognize different structures in the human torso during the scanning process and auto adjust settings to optimize imaging for the area being examined. For its strong overall performance,  Clarius Mobile Health Corp earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the portable ultrasound industry.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed a product with innovative features and functionality that is gaining rapid acceptance in the market. The award recognizes the quality of the solution and the customer value enhancements it enables.

About Clarius Mobile Health

Clarius is on a mission to make accurate, easy-to-use, and affordable ultrasound tools available to all medical professionals in every specialty. With decades of experience in medical imaging, the team knows that great ultrasound imaging improves confidence and patient care. Today, Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound scanners connect to iOS and Android devices, delivering high-resolution ultrasound images traditionally only available with bulkier, high-end systems at a fraction of the cost.

More than two million high-definition scans have been performed using Clarius wireless handheld scanners. Clarius scanners are available in over 90 countries worldwide. Learn more at

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