AI healthcare applications offer obvious clinical and business benefits, but law, ethics, and regulations need to keep pace

LONDON – 4 October, 2018 – Global healthcare markets are increasingly turning to innovative, next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), to streamline clinical workflows and business processes. While AI is, undoubtedly, a key enabler in enhancing clinical and business outcomes, its role in healthcare frameworks is, nevertheless, still relatively new and evolving. This is compelling stakeholders to closely examine the legal, ethical and regulatory aspects associated with this game-changing technology.

Medica_ Banners.jpgAcknowledging the need for a comprehensive understanding of the convergence between healthcare and AI, Medica Health IT Forum’s Innovation Space 2018, will focus on Artificial Intelligence – AI@HEALTHCARE. The session, scheduled to be held on November 12, 2018, is powered by Frost & Sullivan and will feature keynote addresses by Siddharth Saha, Vice President of Research from Frost & Sullivan’s Transformational Health Practice; Dr. Clemens Suter-Crazzolara, VP Product Management for Health and Precision Medicine at SAP; and Tobias Schreiegg, Director Quality & Regulatory Affairs Management at Siemens Healthineers. The Health IT Forum Innovation Space is initiated and moderated by Christina Rode-Schubert, Partner Innovation Excellence at TCI GmbH.

  • AI as the bedrock for clinical decision systems and business processes in care provision

Through infrastructure support and the development of cost-effective products that meet general and specialty needs, technology providers are making AI more accessible in healthcare.  “Such initiatives are aimed at encouraging end-users, mainly hospitals, to embrace precision diagnosis and treatment,” notes Saha. “AI platforms can be multi-utility; they can interpret patient generated data for diverse healthcare stakeholders. However, this has to be accompanied by fully informed consent from patients, coupled with 100% compliance with data usage regulations.”

  • The intelligent hospital created through next practices IT technology

Advances in AI, machine learning (ML), Big Data, and Internet of Things (IoT), along with connectivity and computing technologies, are enabling several hospital processes to be automated. By providing value-added insights and real-time visibility in highly dynamic hospital settings, such technologies are laying the foundation for ‘next practices’ in intelligent hospitals, while accelerating the transition toward value-based healthcare delivery.

  • Navigating AI in regulatory waters

The convergence of technology and healthcare is generating several ethical, regulatory, and legal questions related to the role of hospitals, physicians, technology providers, and patients.

A focus on safety and performance, reinforced by continuous monitoring and clear legislation, will be critical to promoting AI applications in healthcare.

After these three keynote speeches, World Café model-styled round-table discussions powered by Frost & Sullivan and led by experts take place. These sessions will bring together a cross-section of industry stakeholders—hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and health IT organisations—and yield key takeaways on optimal ways for the healthcare industry to leverage AI.

Among the points of discussion include:

  • Areas in European hospitals that will benefit significantly from AI solutions
  • The biggest challenges to uptake and strategies to overcome them
  • Factors that manufacturers need to consider when marketing healthcare AI solutions
  • Potential transformations in the healthcare industry/patient experience
  • Evolution of cloud-based healthcare

Interested parties can pre-register as an Innovation Space participant at

The Innovation Space powered by Frost & Sullivan at Medica Heath IT Forum 2 (Green Stage), 12th November 2018, 2:00 pm-5:00 pm, Hall 15, Messe Düsseldorf

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