As a software developer specializing in product information management (PIM), product master data management (PMDM), and business-to-business commerce for the manufacturing industry, Viamedici focuses greatly on customer satisfaction and customer benefits. Viamedici ensures that its product fits the customer and builds partnerships based on both trust and technology. Frost & Sullivan finds that Viamedici displays its customer value leadership on the following fronts:

Viamedici provides a comprehensive PIM and product data management solution that covers and supports all related processes based on data. The company’s digitalization platform, which is intended for product data management tasks and the management of configuration rules, effectively addresses industry needs through a unique combination of enterprise PIM (EPIM4), extensions, and portal applications. Therefore, instead of offering separate applications or stand-alone modules with complex interfaces, Viamedici’s complete suite/single (end-to-end) digitalization platform ensures that customers no longer have to worry about integration and can instead start enjoying a reduced total cost of ownership and a flawless performance at every point along the way. In addition, any changes to the platform are driven by customer insights.

Customers find Viamedici appealing based on a number of other factors as well. For instance, Viamedici offers a continuous development-and-delivery concept with no additional effort needed from the customer side and delivers upgrades and new features on a regular update cycle of every six weeks.

In addition, the company established the Viamedici Cloud Center that provides it with the freedom to develop attractive cloud offerings and advanced cloud management functions for customers. Another customer-centric initiative that has been well received by customers is Viamedici’s bring-your-own-license model, which allows customers to bring their existing licenses into the Viamedici Cloud Center and use them flexibly, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Viamedici’s other customer-centric features include the flexible and easy integration of PIM and related product management solutions into the customer’s backend and frontend systems; certified integrations with SAP; and upstream and downstream integrations with customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), and mobile and eCommerce solutions. In addition, the company’s PIM 2.0 process templates that focus on the needs and related best practices of different industry segments provide guidance on how to use the applications, thereby reducing the overall implementation time.

Viamedici is strongly committed to offering a comprehensive digital product management platform that can help companies manage their entire product portfolio as well, including customizable products and associated configuration rules and regulations. Managing and selling customizable products and portfolios have a significant impact on both revenues and profits for a company, but existing software solutions are slow, complex, and poorly integrated. To this end, Viamedici offers the modular and flexible Smart Product Configuration software suite, which is a strong sales tool designed with sales consultants in mind to improve the overall sales efficiency for complex and variant-rich product portfolios and make the offering/sales process smooth and fast. This Smart Product Configuration software suite consists of selection; configuration; configure, price, and quote (CPQ); and shop/procurement tools, with the rules managed and executed by a high-performance configuration engine. Graphical concepts, state-of-the-art rule editors, and easy-to-understand scripting mechanisms in the Smart Product Configuration suite render an enriched user and ownership experience. Moreover, this software suite can be used anytime and anywhere. The aspect of the Smart Product Configuration suite that delivers one of the greatest customer values is its impact on revenues and profits.

Overall, customers value Viamedici’s high-performance software, strong technical support, comprehensive and targeted consulting, and short reaction times.

About the Author
Sankara Narayanan, Senior Industry Analyst for Industrial and Process Controls, is a 15-year veteran of Frost & Sullivan. In his practice, he tracks transformational technologies and their impact on the future of manufacturing.

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