Movers & Shakers Interview with George B. La Fever, President and Chief Executive Officer, Corelis, Inc.

Published: 14 Oct 2008

By Sujan Sami, Industry Manager

Sujan Sami: Could you brief me about Corelis, Inc. and its activities?

George B. La Fever

George B. La Fever: Corelis, Inc. was founded in 1991 and introduced our first JTAG boundary-scan products in 1998. We have been leaders and innovators in this international market ever since. Our customers range from start-up companies to those at the top of the Fortune 500. Just over two years ago, Corelis became part of Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc., (EWA) a broad-based technology company providing professional engineering services and specialized products to both U.S. and international customers.

Sujan: Could you highlight on the acceptance and adoption of boundary scan technology in the T&M market?

George: The factors that drove the creation and steady growth of boundary-scan as a viable market beginning in the 1990s have not abated. Test access, time-to-market, and cost issues are more pronounced now than ever. We expect the growing deployment of boundary-scan where reliability, high quality, and strong cost-performance are mandatory. Furthermore, the continuing industry interest in boundary-scan is evident from the number and vitality of related industry standardization projects and initiatives. Corelis is an active participant in a number of industry standards (e.g., 1149.x, 1687) and other initiatives (e.g., INEMI Boundary-Scan Adoption Project).

Sujan: The battle for the choice of platform continues. Frost & Sullivan believes that in future, vendors in the T&M world will have to co-exist, and play it safe and nice. The trend toward hybrid test system is expected to be the norm in the future. What is your view on this going forward?

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