Global Platform Strategies of Major Heavy-Duty Truck OEMs: Nearly One in Three Trucks Manufactured by 2018 to Feature Platform Based Lineage

Published: 5 Jul 2012

Sandeep Kar
Frost & Sullivan
Global Director- Commercial Vehicle Research

The global heavy-duty truck market by and large was region focused till about the middle of the last decade. Except for a few European original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as Daimler and Volvo, selling a small share of trucks in non-triad markets, there was not much local production or development related activity. Also, the local OEMs from triad markets (United States, European Union and Japan), although highly ambitious, had little to no opportunity of selling trucks in foreign markets.

Now, after less than 10 years since western OEMs started entering Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) markets with serious intent, the very face and structure of the global heavy-duty truck market has changed. Markets considered as an afterthought a few decades ago are now dictating the course of global commercial vehicle demand and industry’s growth. The seismic changes shaping the commercial vehicle industry globally have truly flattened the world, where OEMs from both triad and non-triad markets are aggressively competing for sustainable and robust growth. As OEMs begin developing growth strategies in this flat-world eco-system, global (not local or regional) platforms have emerged as a major requirement for any OEM with strategic intent and hunger for global growth.

Frost & Sullivan’s global commercial vehicle research program has recently published a highly comprehensive study titled: Strategic Analysis of Platform Strategies of Major Heavy-duty Truck Manufacturers. This study offers time and mission critical research, analysis, forecast, competitive benchmarking, market opportunity and supplier opportunity analysis associated with the global platform strategies of major heavy-duty (HD) OEMs headquartered in Europe, North America, China and India. In addition, this study offers several strategic insights that will enable market participants to understand how the current trend of platform based production can be leveraged to create new and potentially lucrative revenue streams.

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