Movers and Shakers Interview with Ron Buck, President and CEO, Tyzx, Inc.

Published: 15 Sep 2006

By Robert Cavin, Industry Analyst, Advanced Automotive Technologies

Ron Buck has over 20 years of senior management experience in the computer industry including several successful start-up ventures. Buck previously served as the president and CEO of Verano, a company providing internet-based supply chain management solutions. During that time, he organized the company, secured two rounds of financing and successfully managed the company through to its first revenues. Prior to Verano, Buck spent 4 years as vice president of Marketing and business development at nCUBE, the first provider of interactive multimedia streaming services. While at nCUBE he managed several high-profile trials of multimedia streaming systems and grew nCUBE's revenue from $4 million to more than $34 million. Prior to that, he spent six years at Pyramid Technology Corporation (later acquired by Siemens) in senior development and marketing roles.

Ron Buck
Robert Cavin: Can you tell me a little about the company and its unique name?

Ron Buck: Tyzx rhymes with "physics" and the name was one of the first things we developed internally at Interval Research Corporation, which was basically Paul Allen's private Xerox PARC. The idea is that Interval is advancing all these new technologies and spinning out companies and they tried that for about 10 years, but not many companies actually spun off. John [Iselin Woodfill] and Gaile [Gordon] had been developing this technology, John on the stereo correlation side and Gail on the underlying algorithms to use stereo information. The Tyzx name was part of the deal for transferring the IP (intellectual property) that John, Gaile, and others developed over to Tyzx. So that was the genesis of the technology. We founded Tyzx in 2001 and that's when we entered the market with the first hardware-based stereo vision system.

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