Interview - Randi Altschul, CEO Dieceland.

Published: 30 Mar 2002
Randi Altschul
Randice-Lisa Altschul, is the CEO and Founder of Dieceland Technologies Corp. And sole inventor of all their stuff!!! She is an inventor of new products and properties with an average output of 20-30 new projects per week. Her range is limitless from paper and board to high tech electronics and everything in between, including food, gifts, etc.
She has licensed projects around the World and has been associated with every major license since she started the company in 1985. Her first major project was the Miami Vice game, which put her on the map in the toy industry. She also did Barbie's 30th Birthday game, the Power Rangers games, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, the Simpson game, etc. Blue sky products (ones she creates out of thin air) include TURBO FIST/RACING FIST for Tonka, Little Magic Walker Doll for Tyco-Playtime, Lot's of Hugs for Happiness Express, Color Blaster "Fast Blast" for Kenner, FUNGE for Ohio Art, etc. Television programs including "MONEY, LUST & POWER" for Viacom, "Electric Ninja, High Tech Pirates, and Kinesis" for NBC.
She was the first inventor represented by the William Morris Agency and the first inventor contracted by NBC to develop merchandise based television programs. She is ranked among the top 70 inventors in the World by INSIDE SANTA'S WORKSHOP, a book focusing on the inner workings of the toy and game industry. She owns the only patented HUGS in the World, which was licensed to Applause for the gift market. She has two patents on INTERACTIVE CEREAL, which will launch next year and numerous patents in the telecommunication / technology fields. She has established herself as a wealth of ideas to virtually every market from simple toys and games, to high-tech ground breaking technologies.

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