Movers & Shakers Interview with Atul Bhatnagar, CEO, Ixia

Published: 13 Apr 2010

By Olga Yashkova, Industry Analyst

Olga Yashkova (OY): Ixia is a leading company in the communications test equipment market. How would you describe the current state of this market? In your opinion, how has the economy impacted the communications test equipment industry?

Atul Bhatnagar

Atul Bhatnagar (AB): The recession last year impacted everyone, and it definitely impacted the communications test equipment market. Every customer was very circumspect about their CAPEX. As CAPEX went down, so did investments in test and measurement equipment. However, investment into critical next- generation programs at network equipment manufacturers as well as telecom service providers did continue, although at a reduced pace.

It became important for the test and measurement industry to really use this slow time to innovate on next-generation architectures. As the market starts to come back, customers will start asking themselves about what they need to do for converged data centers, for efficiency and energy utilization, etc. At Ixia, we've used this time to rediscover ourselves, both organically and inorganically. Organic activities included a focus on virtualization, going for leadership in higher speed Ethernet, as well as energy measurement with our IxGreen program. Inorganically, we used this time to make sure that we grow in new areas such as wireless. The testing industry definitely took a hit, just as any other industry, but new investment still continued at our customer sites with next-generation architectures.

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