2021 Award Recipients

Company of the Year

Cloud-based Data Solutions for Financial Services, Global  –  AWS

Cognitive AI for Business Process Automation, Global  –  Beyond Limits

Smart Water Metering and Management, Europe  –  Birdz

Vehicle Security and Risk Assessment, Europe  – Cybellum

Corporate Education, North America  –  Degreed

Satellite Communications, Latin America  –  Globalsat Group

Healthcare and Life Sciences Analytics Cloud Solutions, North America  –  Inovalon

Collaboration Services, Latin America  –  Lumen Latin America

Workforce Identity and Access Management, Global  –  Microsoft

Automotive Radar Test, Europe  –  NOFFZ

Population Health Management, North America  –  Optum

Smart Gas Metering, Global  –  Pietro Fiorentini

Sustainability and Circular Economy of Plastic Recycling and Resource Recovery, Global  –  SABIC

Breach and Attack Simulation, Global  –  SafeBreach

Commercial Drone, North America  –  Skydio

Sustainable Ingredients in Hair Conditioning, Europe  –  Stepan Company

Edge Infrastructure, North America  –  Stratus Technologies

LIMS for Molecular and Genetic Diagnostics, North America  –  Sunquest

Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, Brazil  –  Teleperformance

Nearshore Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, Latin America  –  Teleperformance

Competitive Strategy Leadership

Integrated Employee and Customer Communications Experiences, Global  –  8×8

Conversational AI, Europe  –

Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, Brazil  –  Connvert

Rail Vehicle IoT Solutions, Europe  –  Eurotech

Professional Headset, Global  –  EPOS

BPM Outsourcing, Global  –  Infosys

Municipal Water and Wastewater Enterprise Asset Management, Global  –  OSIsoft

Extended Detection and Response, Global  –  ThreatQuotient

Customer Value Leadership

Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, Brazil  –  AeC

Clinical Development and Pharmacovigilance Software, North America  –  ArisGlobal

PLM Software for Fashion, Retail, and Consumer Goods, Global  –  Centric Software

Conversation Intelligence, North America  –  Chorus

Digital Transformation Service Provider for Life Sciences, Global  –  Citius Tech

Business Network Services, Europe  –  Colt Technology Services

Omnichannel Customer Support Automotive Dealers, North America  –  Cox Automotive

Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Battery, Global  –  Enevate

Social Media Consulting & Brand Management, North America  –  HGS

Cyber Threat Intelligence, Global  –  Intel 471 

AI-powered Email Security, Europe  –  IRONSCALES

Calibration and Repair Services, Global  –  SIMCO Electronics

Video Conferencing, Global  –  Pexip

Digital Pathology and Image Management Software, North America  –  Proscia

Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources, Global  –  PXiSE Energy Solutions

Decentralized Clinical Trials, North America  –   THREAD

UC Performance Management and Meeting Insights, Global  –  Vyopta

Enabling Technology Leadership

5G Network Equipment Testing, Global  – Artiza

5G Network Infrastructure, Global  –  HPE

Industrial Edge-to-Enterprise Automation, North America  –  Machfu

Intrauterine Device, Global  –  OCON Healthcare

Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing, Global  –  Ori Biotech

Automated Assembly Inspection and In-Line Metrology, Global  –  Perceptron, Inc.

Remote Assistance Space, Europe  –  ViiBE Communication

Digital Biomarkers for Neurocognitive Disorders, Global  –  ViewMind

Consumer Healthcare Engagement, North America  –  Welltok

Enabling Platform Leadership

Next Generation 911, United States  –  LUMEN

Precision Medicine Informatics Platform  –  Seven Bridges

Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

Fluid Resuscitation Devices, Global  –  410 Medical

Maritime Logistics, Europe  –  Awake.AI

Open RAN Orchestration, Global  –  Cellwize

Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, Central America and the Caribbean  –  Iterum Connections

Market Leadership

Next Generation 911, United States  –  AT&T

Network Packet Brokers, Global  –  Keysight

Business Carrier Ethernet Services, United States  –  Lumen

Bikesharing Technology, Latin America  –  PBSC Urban Solutions

VoIP Access and SIP Trunking, North America  –  Verizon

New Product Innovation

Flexible Single-use Endoscope for Advanced Visualization, Global  –  Ambu

Next Generation OSS, Global  –  Amdocs

Remote Ventilator Surveillance, North America  –  Capsule Technologies

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), Global  –  Eurosets

Operating Room Systems Integration, Global  –  Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Inc.

5G Network Applications, North America  –  LiveU

Holistic Web Protection, Global  –  Lumen

Vaccine Administration Management System, North America  –  Microsoft

Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, Latin America and the Caribbean  –  Onelink BPO

Material Flow Management, North America  –  Panasonic

Commercial Vehicle Wiper Blades Aftermarket, Europe  –  Valeo Service

5G Network Infrastructure, Global  –  Wirepas

Virtual Care, United States  –  Wolters Kluwer

Product Leadership

Real-time Payments, Global  –  ACI Worldwide

Virtual Care, North America  –  AMD Global Telemedicine

Customer Experience Outsourcing Services, Latin America  –  Atento

Identity Management, Global  –  AU10TIX

AI-based Machine Health-as-a-Service, Global  –  Augury

Breach and Attack Simulation, Global  –  Cymulate

Transmission and Distribution Grid Analytics, Global  –  GE Digital

Cloud-based SPC Quality Intelligence, North America  –  InfinityQS

Hardware-in-the-loop Test Solutions for Automotive, Global  –  Konrad Technologies

Cloud Banking Platform, Global  –  Mambu

Virtual Critical Care, United States  –  Medical Informatics Corp.

Cloud ERP, North America  –  NetSuite

Corded UC Headset, Global  –  Poly

AI-Enhanced Healthcare, Global  –  Presagen

Voice of the Customer Solution, Europe  – SANDSIV

European Defense Underground Sensors, Europe  –  SensoGuard

Battery Analytics Software-as-a-Service, North America  –  Voltaiq

Small to Mid-Sized Contact Center, North America  –  Verizon

Technology Innovation Leadership

User-based Insurance, Europe  –  Amodo

Cybersecurity Posture Management, North America  –  Balbix

Safe City Solutions, North America  –  BlackBerry

Cloud Access Security Broker, Global  –  Broadcom

GPU-powered Database and Analytics Platform, Europe  –  Brytlyt

Automotive In-vehicle Multimedia Software, Global  –  Cinemo

Chemical Upcycling of Plastic Waste, Europe  –  Clariter 

Cyber Insurance, North America  –  Coalition

Smart Homes, Global  –  Cognitive Systems Corp.

Managed Security and Professional Services, Europe  –  CyberProof

UPS as a Reserve(UPSAAR) for Datacenter Application, India  –  Eaton

Privacy-enhancing, Global  –  Enveil

Enteral Feeding Tube Navigation, North America  –  ENvizion Medical

AI-based Lock Screen Platform, India  –  Glance Digital Experience

Fiber-optic Sensing, North America  –  Hifi Engineering

Nanocoating Deposition, Asia-Pacific  –  Nanofilm Technologies International Limited 

Enterprise Fraud Management, North America  – NICE Actimize

Spatial Intelligence, Global  –  Outsight

Molecular Testing, Global  –  PathogenDx

Electrochlorination Technology for Water Treatment, Europe  –  Permascand

Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing, North America  –  Seeq

Conversational Automation, North America  –  Uniphore

Connected Vehicle Analytics and Cybersecurity, Europe  –  Upstream Security

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