Research Methodology

The Intersection between 360° Research and Best Practices Recognition.

Frost & Sullivan’s 360° Research Methodology™ represents the analytical rigor of our research process. It offers a 360° view of industry challenges, trends, and issues by integrating all 7 of Frost & Sullivan’s research methodologies.

Research Methodology

Too often, companies make important growth decisions based on a narrow understanding of their environment, leading to errors of both omission and commission.

Successful growth strategies are founded on a thorough understanding of market, technical, economic, financial, customer, best practices, and demographic analyses. The integration of these research disciplines into the 360° Research Methodology™ provides an evaluation platform for benchmarking industry players and for identifying those performing at best-in-class levels.

Best Practices Recognition: 10 Steps to Researching, Identifying, and Recognizing Best Practices





Monitor, Target, and Screen

Identify Recognition recipient candidates from around the globe.

  • Conduct in-depth industry research
  • Identify emerging sectors
  • Scan multiple geographies

Pipeline of candidates who potentially meet all best-practices criteria

Perform 360-degree research

Perform comprehensive, 360-degree research on all candidates in the pipeline

  • Interview thought leaders and industry practitioners
  • Assess candidates’ fit with best-practice criteria
  • Rank all candidates

Matrix positioning of all candidates’ performance relative to one another

Invite thought leadership in best practices

Perform an in-depth examination of all candidates

  • Confirm best-practices criteria
  • Examination eligibility of all candidates
  • Identify any information gaps

Detailed profiles of all ranked candidates

Initiate Research Director Review

Conduct an unbiased evaluation of all candidate profiles

  • Brainstorm ranking options
  • Invite multiple perspectives on candidates’ performance
  • Update candidate profiles

Final prioritization of all eligible candidates and companion best-practice positioning paper

Assemble Panel of Industry Experts

Present findings to an expert panel of industry thought leaders

  • Share findings
  • Strengthen cases for candidate eligibility 
  • Prioritize candidates

Refined list of prioritized Recognition candidates

Conduct Global Industry Review

Build consensus on Recognition candidates’ eligibility

  • Hold a global team meeting to review all candidates
  • Pressure-test fit with criteria
  • Confirm inclusion of all eligible candidates

A final list of eligible Recognition candidates, representing success stories worldwide

Perform Quality Check

Develop Official Recognition consideration materials

  • Perform final performance benchmarking activities
  • Write nominations
  • Perform quality review

High-quality, accurate, and creative presentation of nominee’s successes

Reconnect with Panel of Industry Experts

Finalize the selection of the best-practice Recognition recipient

  • Review analysis with panel
  • Build consensus
  • Select recipient

Decision on which company performs best against all best-practice criteria

Communicate Recognition

Inform Recognition recipient of Recognition

  • Present Recognition to the CEO
  • Inspire the organization for continued success
  • Celebrate the recipient’s performance

An announcement of Recognition and plan for how a recipient can use the Recognition to enhance the brand

Take Strategic Action

Upon licensing, the company is able to share Recognition news with stakeholders and customers

  • Coordinate media outreach
  • Design a marketing plan
  • Assess Recognition’s role in future strategic planning

Widespread awareness of recipient’s Recognition status among investors, media personnel, and employees