Healthcare & Life sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences costs are rising. Populations in developed countries are aging. Personalized and preventative solutions are growing in popularity. Frost & Sullivan’s Healthcare & Life Sciences consultants and industry experts give clients the market-competitive research and strategic analyses they need to navigate this heavily regulated and globalizing industry.

Key Topics of Expertise

Frost & Sullivan’s Healthcare & Life Sciences team monitors global and regional perspectives across market segments such as medical devices, life sciences, healthcare information technology, and clinical diagnostics.

Advanced medical technologies icon

Advanced medical technologies

  • Medical devices
  • Medical imaging
Connected Health Icon

Connected health

  • Provider Information Technology
  • Analytics
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Telehealth
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Video Telemedicine
  • mHealth
Life Sciences icon

Life sciences

  • Biotechnology
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Drug discovery technology
  • In-vitro diagnostics
  • Life science research tools
  • Pharmaceuticals