Cloudleaf delivers an easy-to-use, flexible, end-to-end solution

Although technology has become critical to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility, merely registering each exit and entry event of products is no longer sufficient for companies that need constant visibility into the condition of all assets and workflows across the supply chain. In response, Cloudleaf offers the hardware (IoT sensors), device connectivity, cloud services, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), advanced analytics, and desktop or mobile applications needed for continuous, comprehensive asset coverage and real-time visibility into every aspect of the customer’s supply chain.

Cloudleaf’s Digital Visibility Platform uses IoT, advanced analytics, and AI/ML to support continuous data flow and create a digital profile of each asset across the supply chain. The platform’s rapid application structure gives customers the power to use what they already have; it integrates with legacy systems of records and workforce communications tools, such as chatbots and Slack.

Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric ingests and harmonizes multiple data streams. Contextualized/exact location, condition, and flow data that is sent from the assets’ sensors to gateways is then fed to the cloud for visualization and advanced analytics. There, a Spark-based AI/ML engine processes the data streamed from the Sensor Fabric and provides real-time actionable insights. Customers can monitor the data from Cloudleaf’s purpose-built dashboards or by feeding it into other enterprise applications (e.g., SAP systems or any sales and operations planning systems) that they are using via an API for further analysis. Using either route, customers can act upon the real-time insights.

Chief among Cloudleaf’s customer value proposition is the quick and easy deployment (1 or 2 days) of its Digital Visibility Platform and Sensor Fabric, which empowers customers to track their assets sooner and collect more data, both indoors and out.

A customer-centric partner, Cloudleaf provides a flexible approach to supply chain visibility by making its offering both device- and data-agnostic. For instance, Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric works with the different sensors and data streams that its customers already have in place. In addition, Cloudleaf ensures customers are free to use the right sensor for their environment by expanding its ecosystem of sensor providers, including Biotempak, Sendum, Onset, OnAsset, and Quuppa.  The Digital Visibility Platform, moreover, supports over 400 APIs to connect to any sensor for seamless data ingestion.

In an effort to safeguard employees’ health and enable businesses to resume operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cloudleaf now offers Safe2Go software. This easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solution that runs on the Cloudleaf platform monitors employees’ temperature, proximity and location (for ensuring social distancing and limited capacity) . The Safe2Go application is a testament to Cloudleaf platform’s flexibility.

Overall, Cloudleaf’s offering delivers superior customer value by creating end-to-end supply chain cohesion that results in increased productivity and improved production scheduling, better communication, adherence to regulatory compliance, reduced disruption to operations, enhanced operational reliability, and greater cost savings through recovered pallets, decreased operational material losses, and less unspoiled inventory.


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