Frost & Sullivan’s Energy webinar series delved into the topic ‘Where next for the hydrogen economy?’ Led by industry experts, the session highlighted the latest industry dynamics within the hydrogen space, with a particular focus on the recent regulatory developments and the potential impact on hydrogen production.

The panel included John Raspin, Growth Expert, Partner, and Director at Frost & Sullivan; Jonathan Robinson, Growth Expert and VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan; Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Growth Expert and Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan; and Vasanth Krishnan, Growth Expert and Senior Consultant at Frost & Sullivan.

Note: Gain valuable perspectives from these industry experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of the webinar.

  • Embracing Green Hydrogen for Decarbonization: Investing in renewable energy infrastructure and regulatory frameworks to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen in manufacturing and other domains.

What investment strategies is your organization employing to promote green hydrogen adoption and sustainability?

  • Fostering Strategic Partnerships: Forging alliances with stakeholders across industries, governments, and academia to drive innovation, investment, and policy support for hydrogen initiatives.

How are you leveraging strategic partnerships to drive growth and innovation in your organization’s hydrogen initiatives?

  • Advancing Regulations for Blue Hydrogen Adoption: Establishing robust regulatory frameworks to incentivize carbon capture technologies and blue hydrogen production, particularly in regions like North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Is your organization implementing best practices to navigate regulatory landscapes and accelerate blue hydrogen adoption globally?

  • Driving Innovation in Hydrogen Storage Solutions: Fostering innovation and investment in hydrogen storage technologies, particularly focusing on pressure vessels for transportation applications.

Are you implementing innovative strategies to capitalize on growth opportunities in hydrogen storage?

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