Frost & Sullivan’s Homes and Buildings webinar series explored the theme ‘How do Smart HVAC and Digital Services Impact Occupant Comfort and Safety?’ Facilitated by industry experts, the session highlighted how smart HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, sensors, and automation are optimizing indoor environments, alongside digital services enhancing user convenience and well-being.

The panel included Melvin Leong, Growth Expert and Senior Director at Frost & Sullivan; Gaurav Burman, Managing Director, APAC Operations at 75F; Roy Muchtar, EVP of Products at CoolAutomation; and Dennis Marcell Victor, Growth Expert and Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Note: Gain valuable perspectives from these industry experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of the webinar.

Holistic Solutions for Diverse Needs: Delivering holistic solutions that balance energy savings with occupant comfort is pivotal for success, while educating clients about the broader benefits of smart HVAC systems ensures long-term engagement by managing evolving expectations.

How is your organization leveraging disruptive technologies to deliver holistic smart HVAC solutions to meet evolving customer needs?

Alignment of Vision and Execution: Aligning business vision and the practical realities faced by facility managers is crucial for successfully executing projects amidst industry evolution. Companies are currently playing dual roles as disruptors and facilitators, reshaping industry dynamics across segments.

Is your organization aligning its overarching vision with practical implementation strategies to remain competitive amid industry evolution? 

Regional Growth Dynamics: In the Asia Pacific, robust construction activity, escalating labor costs, and energy saving imperatives are fuelling the adoption of smart HVAC solutions, illustrating distinct regional megatrends, and driving sustainable building practices.

Are your teams capitalizing on the increasing demand for smart HVAC solutions across different regions to identify growth opportunities?

Regulatory Imperatives as Catalysts: Regulatory mandates in Europe are emphasizing energy efficiency and building lifecycle sustainability, shaping industry megatrends. Meanwhile, governments and project financing entities are actively working to enhance access to funds for implementing smart building solutions.

Is your organization adopting regulatory mandates as best practices to drive sustainable growth in smart HVAC solutions?

Standardization and Collaboration: The industry is striving for common standards and protocols to prevent customer confusion and facilitate interoperability, accelerating smart technologies adoption while fostering a more seamless integration of diverse solutions.

Is your leadership team forming strategic partnerships to drive interoperability in smart building solutions?

Embracing Long-Term Benefits: Recognizing the intangible advantages of smart building solutions beyond immediate metrics, such as improved productivity and occupant health, is crucial for businesses to justify investments and drive adoption.

Is your organization formulating purposeful investment strategies to accelerate the adoption of smart building technologies?

“It’s important to shape solutions along the lines of customer hot buttons but also integrate aspects that will become important over time. Success lies in educating clients while navigating their evolving needs.”


– Gaurav Burman

Managing Director, APAC Operations, 75F


“In the evolving landscape of HVAC solutions, innovation isn’t just about disruption; it’s about striking a delicate equilibrium between challenging existing norms and addressing critical industry needs.”


– Roy Muchtar

EVP of Products, CoolAutomation

HVAC systems, integral to building infrastructure, are adapting to meet evolving occupant needs, integrating IT and software while leveraging disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enhance performance. Join us as we evaluate how smart HVAC and digital services are revolutionizing customer experience in the homes and buildings industry. We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences as we embark on this transformative journey together.


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