Their primary task is to ensure that various hardware and software pieces work together as intended, and the deployed M2M and IoT solutions meet the end customers’ specific set of requirements. SIs can also offer consulting services, help with hardware design, and serve as a value added reseller (VAR) of M2M equipment.

Key to Success for M2M Networks

The key to success for a M2M network is high uptime with the fewest possible downtime issues.

In order to successfully manage an unmanned network the following criteria are essential:

  • High uptime
  • “Self –healing” capabilities by setting up parameters
  • Utilizing the right sets of tools for monitoring
  • Responsive team for triage/diagnosis
  • Tightly run logistics for managing advanced exchange to revive a site quickly
  • Expertise in managing data usage/network costs
  • Asset management to track inventory with live billing components
  • Team player mentality to remain flexible when working with multiple vendors/partners in the entire supply chain

End Customer Considerations for Selecting a SI

The key benefits of working with SIs include economical and faster solution development, ease of product upgrades and enhancements, and effective service and support capabilities (including full support for product engineering). Organizations should leverage the services of a specialized provider that has proven expertise in end-to-end solution management for M2M and IoT. As numerous deployments have demonstrated, it is typically simpler and less expensive in the long run to work with dedicated providers of M2M and IoT solutions. The following are some other important parameters that customers should consider when selecting a SI:

  • Understanding the customers’ business domain: domain knowledge is critical, many companies have a good understanding of a niche or a set of areas, but overall set of capabilities are important to consider.
  • Ability to scale: ability to scale the business, across regions or on a global basis.
  • Customer support capabilities: comprehensive customer support capabilities, including helpdesk management and training and support materials are important.

OEM Considerations for Selecting a SI

Frost & Sullivan believes that OEMs should consider the following parameters when developing the SI/VAR relationships:

  • Access to customers or verticals with M2M and IoT opportunities
  • Knowledge on how to qualify and sell M2M and IoT opportunities
  • Technical design and network design capabilities
  • Configuration, staging, and testing expertise
  • Logistics, set up, and kitting capabilities
  • Deployment support
  • Post installation support—including helpdesk facilities, advanced exchanges, and returns

Vendor Highlight – TeraNova Consulting Group

TeraNova Consulting Group Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, California and has been a pioneer in delivering fully managed M2M solutions for a decade. It is carrier and equipment agnostic, focused on finding the right fit of M2M services and technology to deliver cost effective solutions that reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies. The company handles the labor intensive aspects for designing, deploying and managing M2M networks so that customers can focus on the strategic initiatives in their business.

Value Delivery

TeraNova provides value by consulting with the client to understand the vision, the objectives and the metrics of success. By setting a realistic budget and creating the foundation for a robust design and deployment plan, customers can rely on experts to lead them down the right path. A bad deployment coupled with unforeseen pitfalls and poorly allocated resources could easily increase the cost of deployments by over 30 percent. Avoiding such issues has always been a priority for TeraNova.

TeraNova begins with budget setting, the network design, stress testing, and a pilot. In adhering to the budget, the team will utilize their experience and expertise to source and procure the best network pricing and equipment, delivering contracts with specific T’s and C’s focused on unmanned M2M networks to best protect the customer. The deployment is managed tightly by project managers in order to meet installation timelines and milestones. The TeraNova Helpdesk team certifies that each site has the right asset and adequate connectivity upon installation. This can be accomplished via software monitoring tools with remote access capabilities to the equipment.

OEM Case Study


A hardware manufacturer partnered with a software company for self service solutions reached out to TeraNova to assist a customer scale a M2M network. The prospect had launched a successful 60 site pilot utilizing wired services and a few wireless connections. Although the pilot had been somewhat successful, the prospect understood there was a more efficient, reliable and cost effective method to deploy. They required experts with specific experience and knowledge in designing M2M networks.

Key Objectives for the OEM

TeraNova was requested to help the prospect achieve their objectives for the network solution in order to accelerate the speed at which the opportunity would close and hence benefit the entire ecosystem of partners.

Key Objectives for the Customer

  • TeraNova to create a cost effective plan to deploy and maintain a cellular based M2M network.
  • Ensure the wireless network is reliable, cost effective and secured
  • Provide a turn-key deployment solution to increase deployment timeframes


  • TeraNova designed an end to end cellular solution leveraging multiple carriers to increase RF strength and quality in the network
  • TeraNova delivered plug and play solutions utilizing their just in time(JIT) activation and forward logistic process, fully integrating them into the partner process flows
  • TeraNova integrated their network management solution and helpdesk support with the partner teams to bridge critical technology platforms


  • The opportunity closed for OEM partners closed within 60 days after involving TeraNova for one thousand units.
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