Frost & Sullivan recently hosted a Fleet Management Webinar, delving into the captivating realm of  Cutting-Edge Alternative Power Trains for the European Bus and Coach Industry. This enriching discussion brought together visionary leaders to explore key growth opportunities, the evolving regulatory landscape, and best practices driving competitiveness in the burgeoning world of zero-emission buses and coaches.

During the webinar, esteemed experts shared their perspectives on the transformation, challenges, and catalysts for growth within the commercial bus and coach fleet ecosystem: Hikmet Cakmak, Growth Expert and Consulting Director at Frost & Sullivan; Gerd Schneider, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at eMIS Management GmbH; and Nitin Gupta, Growth Expert and Senior Consultant at Frost & Sullivan, provided unique perspectives on navigating this dynamic ecosystem.

Gain valuable perspectives from these experts by clicking here to access the recorded session of this Webinar.

Electric Bus Adoption: 2023 marked a significant regulatory turning point for the European commercial vehicle industry, with the European Union (EU) setting ambitious emission reduction targets. Over 5,000 battery-electric buses were sold in Europe, especially in countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, and Finland where 100% of city buses were zero-emission buses. This new era of zero-emission transportation is revealing numerous growth opportunities for organizations committed to sustainable mobility practices.

How is your organization leveraging these opportunities for sustained growth in the European commercial vehicle industry?

Infrastructure Challenges: Despite the increasing adoption of zero-emission buses, significant infrastructure challenges persist, including the shortage of charging stations and hydrogen fuel stations. Addressing this infrastructure gap is becoming crucial for the accelerated growth of this segment.

Is your company actively working to bridge the growth gap in the zero-emission bus domain by addressing the numerous infrastructure challenges?

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): While the initial investment costs for electric and hydrogen buses may be higher compared to diesel alternatives, the total cost of ownership over the vehicle’s lifetime is lesser due to lower running and maintenance expenses. Recognizing this, many traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are re-evaluating their strategies and adjusting their growth plans to fully capitalize on the TCO benefits.

Is your organization leveraging TCO considerations to optimize its growth strategy in the zero-emission bus ecosystem?

New Business Models: The transition to zero-emission buses is catalyzing the emergence of new business models, such as electric-buses-as-a-service solutions. Mobility enablers are offering electric bus infrastructure for charging- and energy-as-a-service, enabling operators to rent equipment over the concession period.

Are you exploring such innovative business models to drive competitive success and maximize profits in this transformative landscape?

Competition and Industry Dynamics: The competitive landscape in the zero-emission bus realm is evolving rapidly, with new entrants and traditional OEMs introducing a variety of sustainability-focused powertrain options. In this ever-evolving environment, strategic alliances between new and existing ecosystem players, as well as a focus on enhanced reliability, are becoming increasingly critical.

What steps is your organization taking to stay ahead in this competitive landscape and lead the transformation of the zero-emission coach industry?


“The higher investment cost of getting into new technology is very much offset by the lower operating expenses. For instance, you have lesser consumption expenses, fewer maintenance expenses… Also, the lifetime of a battery is longer than we all expected. And if you, in the beginning, do the dimensioning of the system and the battery capacity properly… your battery life can last the lifetime of the bus.”

Gerd Schneider, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at eMIS Management GmbH Top of Form

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