Automated, easily deployable big data analytics solutions to gain traction, finds Frost & Sullivan

Santa Clara, Calif. – February 22, 2019 –The introduction of 5G networks will have a significant impact on the market for data analytics solutions for service providers, as it creates a need to analyze important metrics flowing between connected devices. Furthermore, the implementation of software-defined networking (SDN) functions will drive the transition from traditional network testing in silos to an integrated DevOps ecosystem.

“Vendors need to enhance their data analytics solutions with machine learning capabilities to optimize 5Gservices management,” said Rohan Joy Thomas Industry Analyst, Measurement & Instrumentation. “Already, they are transitioning from hardware probes to standardized software probes to reduce costs and interoperability issues while deploying monitoring solutions. The solutions that can test and monitor network infrastructure end-to-end are likely to experience the highest uptake.”

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Data Analytics Solutions for Service Providers Market, Forecast to 2023, presents a comprehensive analysis of the market across the regions of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. It analyzes the key end-user segments of wireless, fixed, and video, as well as the technologies of network optimization and planning, and customer experience management solutions.

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“To make the most of the global digitalization trend, testing and monitoring vendors are looking to engineer data analytics solutions that can holistically analyze data traffic across regions and thereby, help operators optimize the deployment of their network,” noted Thomas.” Solutions that are light-weight and can be deployed at the mobile edge will also experience a surge in demand.”

Major trends expected to influence the market positively in the next 3-5 years include the surge in data traffic and the subsequent rise in network densification, the proliferation of Internet of things (IoT) and the rise in adoption of connected devices, the adoption of virtualization among network operators, and the expected launch of 5G services.

Vendors are strategically acquiring smaller companies to fill the gaps in their technology portfolio as well as broaden their geographic footprint. To sustain their momentum of growth, they need to rapidly respond to additional growth opportunities inherent in:

  • Enriching solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will help them intelligently analyze the type of traffic in the infrastructure, and then apply the relevant network management policies.
  • Creating a solution that improves visibility from the edge to the core of the network across the radio access network (RAN) and transport parts.
  • Offering solutions that have a higher degree of scalability, and can proactively monitor and improve the quality of video that is streamed to end-user devices.
  • Delivering data solutions that network operators can use to identify areas of high RAN congestion. This data can be used for planning future small cell deployments.
  • Presenting a differentiated portfolio for a diverse customer base. It could include stand-alone testing solutions as well as managed services.

Global Data Analytics Solutions for Service Providers Market, Forecast to 2023is part of Frost & Sullivan’s global Test & Measurement Growth Partnership Service program.

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