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The Frost & Sullivan Aerospace, Defense & Security practice provides global market intelligence, thought leadership to execute key growth opportunities, and bespoke advisory services across six main program areas, namely: Aerospace Systems, Airlines & Airports, Defense, Security, Space and Unmanned Systems. Our Growth Partnership Services and interactive workshops help our clients identify and analyse the impact of evolving Mega Trends on operational environments, end-user needs and supply chain, and build digital transformation enhanced innovative business models. 


Dubai Airshow


Dubai Airshow 2021 is all set to be one of the most significant in-person aerospace events to take place this year and has already been marked as a must-attend event by regional and global organisations keen to accelerate their speed of recovery.

Join Dubai Airshow 2021 for five days of world-class display of aircrafts, latest cutting-edge solutions, over 300 military and civil delegations along with hours of thought-leadership content in one convenient location. This year’s show is packed with showcases ranging from emerging technologies including cybersecurity, 5G, AI, automation, a startup event – VISTA and an intelligent matchmaking platform for enhanced networking. Visit our website to find out more about the Dubai Airshow 2021

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Aerospace Systems

Understand the impact of new technologies and business models generating market opportunities for new and existing players in the aerospace market.
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Airlines & Airports

Enhance your understanding of all elements of airline and airport operations, through market analysis and benchmarking initiatives.

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Analyze a revitalized defense industry across all major segments, and find opportunities in a transitioning competitive landscape.

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Understand the impact of evolving operational requirements and technologies in the critical national infrastructure, public safety, and digital security domains.

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Identify opportunities with in-depth analysis of the space industry value chain from manufacturing to launch to downstream services across existing and emerging applications.

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Unmanned Systems

Identify opportunities in a dynamically evolving end-user environment, analyzing new applications, competitor environment and business models across military, civil and commercial segments.

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