60 years of experience powering the next 60 years of growth

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Meeting the needs of a transformed world

The world is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime disruption. Rules have been shattered. Technologies are evolving faster than expected. Old habits are giving way to new normals. And both uncertainty and opportunity hang in the balance.

Frost & Sullivan has spent the last 60 years learning how to navigate disruption and transformation to create growth opportunities that allow business to thrive. We’ve come to believe that the growth of companies cannot be separated from the stakeholders around us, and that when properly managed, company growth not only impacts the bottom line but addresses many global challenges that face society as a whole, including economic inequality, climate change, and social inclusion.

We intend to spend the next 60 years enabling growth opportunities that don’t just make good business sense – they become a moral imperative.

Chairman David Frigstad reflects on our next 60 years

A passionate focus on sustainable growth

Over the past 60 years, Frost & Sullivan has sharpened its focus into a passionate commitment to growth. Why growth? Because in the absence of growth, we don’t just stand still but move backward. Just as growth is an essential component of life itself, growing your company into uncertainty is the key not just to surviving but thriving.

And the type of growth matters as well. Grow too fast without thinking and you could paint yourself into a corner. Grow without considering the ramifications and you could hit unexpected turbulence. Our moral imperative of growth commands us to create sustainable, manageable growth opportunities that put your company on secure ground while creating opportunities for others.

Frost & Sullivan is uniquely positioned to create, implement, and track millions of growth opportunities, guided by our moral imperative to make the world a better place through growth.

“Happy 60th to Frost & Sullivan!  Thank you for giving me a fantastic platform to learn and grow. 14 years in, I can safely say the Company has given me invaluable lessons in life and leadership; and has repeatedly reaffirmed that hard work and diligence are rewarded. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain some of the best memories, friendships and milestones that I can fondly look back on.  I look forward to being a part of Frost & Sullivan’s continued journey of transformation, enlightened growth and success. “

Prerna Mohan
Senior Director
Strategy Planning & Implementation

Welcome to the new Frost & Sullivan

In our 60th year, we’ve begun some major transformations at Frost & Sullivan to scale our ability to reshape the world through growth.

It starts with our ONEFrost program—our internal commitment to work together, support each other, reduce complexity, and create a single source of truth for our customers.

We will be converging our services into a common platform aligned with our Growth Pipeline as a Service, making it easier for you to map your progress and identify new growth opportunities.

And our digital environment will be rebuilt from the ground up to deliver next-generation services in an easy-to-navigate platform that allows for collaboration, sharing, and just-in-time delivery of information.

We’re proud of our journey over the past 60 years, and we’re excited to guide you through the next 60.

“Wishing Frost & Sullivan a happy 60th! I look back with fondness at my time spent with the company, the numerous interesting projects that were worked on spanning all four corners of the globe (Tempere, Paris, Munich, and Detroit ), making an impact for clients and for the firm, and above all the many great people I worked with. I hope the next leg of the journey will be as fun and interesting for the firm!”

Chris de Lavigne
(Former Global VP, Consulting)
Frost & Sullivan