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HEVC resource compilation

11 Aug 2014 | by Avni Rambhia
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Mostly since it's easier to send a URL to a blog post than to email large attachments, I'm compiling all my publicly released material on HEVC market analysis here.

We update this material quarterly, including HEVC-enabled and HEVC-capable device shipment numbers, so if you need current data just send a note to your account manager or to me at avni.rambhia@frost.com.

The status webinar from last year is accessible through Brighttalk here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/5567/70391

Update Jan 2015: The video for the talk on business cases and ROI analyses for adopting HEVC, delivered at Streaming Media West 2014, is here: http://bcove.me/2pjdu6wr. The F&S insight version of that presentation can be downloaded from: http://www.frost.com/sublib/display-market-insight.do?id=293083154


The presentation material and video from Streaming Media West 2014 is now up at http://bcove.me/2pjdu6wr. HEVC unit shipment forecasts across a number of markets are also now available for 2014 and onwards - if you would like a copy, please reach out to me or to your account executive.
Posted by Avni Rambhia | 09 Dec 2014
Here's an information-packed article from Jan Ozer on the state of HEVC in the summer of 2014: http://www.streamingmedia.com/Articles/Editorial/Featured-Articles/HEVC-Are-We-There-Yet-99363.aspx
Posted by Avni Rambhia | 29 Sep 2014

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