Career Enhancement

Are you ready to take the next big step in your career? Get a glimpse of where your journey will start. Be part of the success of our organization that believes in a passionate commitment to growth, innovation, and leadership.


Employee Value Proposition

As a Frostie, you are part of an exceptionally talented global team dedicated to applying individual experiences and unique expertise, innovation, and camaraderie to help each other achieve our highest potential. We believe that empathy, compassion, curiosity, and commitment will drive extraordinary outcomes for our clients and excitement and lifelong learning for our team members.

Career Paths

Growth Opportunity Analytics (Research)

Customer Engagement (Sales)

Growth Advisory (Consulting)

Business Support

The company’s Growth Opportunity Analytics group provides critical services to clients supporting their growth strategies.  Advisors with expertise across several practice area create growth-focused content to generate, evaluate, and recommend effective growth strategies.

The company’s customer engagement group builds client relationships and works with other internal departments with a focus on one goal: to exceed revenue targets every year. Customer engagement professionals work with clients every day to accelerate their growth objectives through Frost & Sullivan’s strategic solutions.

The company’s Growth Advisory (consulting) group provides thought leadership (market and business intelligence) across many industries and has important discussions to empower clients to formulate strategic business decisions.

The company’s support team enables Frost & Sullivan’s operational excellence.

Hear From The Team

I recently joined Frost & Sullivan’s mobility advisory team as a consultant. Before starting, I found the hiring process to be smooth and well communicated. Throughout this process, I engaged with multiple team members to discuss the nature of the role and company, which enabled me to begin my time here smoothly and with a clear understanding of my responsibilities.

Already, I have gained excellent exposure to several interesting mobility projects the team are pursuing. These projects have presented the challenge of understanding some of the opportunities and complexities facing the industry and exploring these aspects has been personally rewarding. Having a background in engineering at an automotive OEM, I’ve also been able to leverage my prior knowledge to help contribute to the success of the team. I am looking forward to exploring more challenges at Frost & Sullivan in this exciting and evolving industry.

Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones
Mobility- Growth Advisory
EU- London

Frost & Sullivan has been like a second home; the company has provided valuable market research experience and nurtured an environment where innovation, team spirit, and continual learning have helped me thrive. Being surrounded by a diverse group of brilliant minds, who consistently push the boundaries of strategic thinking, has been a privilege. The company offered me an extraordinary opportunity to grow, sharpening my problem-solving and cross-cultural communication skills. I have always been very grateful for working here, as it has been pivotal in shaping my career trajectory and helping me evolve into a more qualified and competent professional.

Returning to the company after my master’s has been the best decision as I am confident I will be able to deepen my expertise and refine my abilities with valuable guidance.

Anamika Risal
Anamika Risal
Consulting Analyst
Growth Advisory
United States

Working as a Project Manager for Frost & Sullivan has been an incredibly fulfilling and enriching experience. From the moment I joined the team, I was impressed by the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the market research industry. I have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the industry, and this diversity of expertise has constantly challenged me to grow both personally and professionally. The collaborative environment, emphasis on innovation, and focus on work-life balance make Frost & Sullivan a standout organization!

Josephine Bingler
Josephine Bingler
Marketing Project Manager
Brand and Demand (B&D)
United States

A Remarkable Journey at Frost & Sullivan! As a Marketing Strategist at Frost & Sullivan, my first three months have been an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. From the very beginning, I was embraced by a team of passionate and talented individuals, known affectionately as “Frosties,” who made me feel welcome and supported from day one.

The comprehensive training provided was nothing short of exceptional. The organisation’s commitment to developing its employees in every aspect of the business is truly commendable. Through interactive workshops, engaging webinars, and one-on-one mentorship, I gained invaluable insights into the world of Brand and Demand.

What sets Frost & Sullivan apart is the quality of their services and market reports. The innovative approach to problem-solving and the emphasis on delivering tangible results for our clients, in my opinion sets us apart from our competitors. Beyond the business aspect, Frost & Sullivan fosters a culture of collaboration and camaraderie. The unity within the team creates an inspiring and enjoyable work environment. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same vision for success.

Nigel Dench
Nigel Dench
Marketing Strategist
Brand and Demand (B&D)
EU- London

As a Moodle Administrator at Frost & Sullivan, I have a job that I genuinely enjoy. It is not just the work itself; it is the people I work with. Interesting, and diverse individuals from around the globe who bring different perspectives to our projects. The culture at Frost & Sullivan is really supportive and friendly. We are more than just colleagues; we are like a big team working together. Everyone’s voice is heard here. Even as a new employee, you can reach out to senior management, and you will get a thoughtful response. This level of interaction and openness is something special. One of the things I appreciate about Frost & Sullivan is the growth opportunities. They value their employees and offer good benefits. Plus, there’s always room to learn and advance in your career. If you are thinking about working at Frost & Sullivan, I would definitely recommend it. It is more than just a job, it is a place where you can learn, grow, and be part of a wonderful team.

Nahuel Rodriguez
Nahuel Rodriguez
Moodle Administrator
Human Resources & Talent Acquisition
Latin America- Argentina

Not only from a career development perspective but also from a personal and professional brand standpoint, joining Frost & Sullivan™, The Growth Pipeline Company, almost two years ago was the best decision I could have ever made. After working for 17+ years for Tier-I companies in the Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, and Industrial Software landscape, I felt it was time to bring my knowledge and expertise to the next level, which meant partnering with senior-level executives and industry leaders to drive growth for their businesses through industry knowledge, market intelligence, and strategic advisory.

Frost & Sullivan has become the perfect company to achieve my goals and aspirations, allowing me to build a close relationship with top-level executives from the largest, fastest-growing, and most innovative companies in the sector, position my professional brand and elevate my reputation in the industry, be recognized as a thought leader and influencer among my peers in the industrial ecosystem, and most importantly, be very proud of my job, helping businesses achieve their growth objectives. And that has only been possible in a friendly, motivating, supportive, diverse, inclusive, and flexible environment that fosters collaboration, camaraderie, and endless learning possibilities among colleagues. Come and join us! There are plenty of career growth opportunities waiting for you!

Sebastian Trolli
Sebastian Trolli
Senior Industry Analyst and Global Program Leader
Industrial Technologies, Growth Opportunity Analytics
Latin America- Argentina

Joining Frost and Sullivan for more than 8 years is an incredible journey for me. Always exploring and learning new trends and technologies, discussing the challenges and issues that global industrial leaders may encounter. Though various challenges are always confronted during this journey, I sincerely appreciate to have chances to learn from fantastic and creative Frosties, to build expertise among consultant area, and to explore the possibilities of myself at the same time. I am proud to be one of Frosties and looking forward to embracing more possibilities with Frost and Sullivan now and beyond.

Amber Shen
Business Development Manager
Customer Engagement
Asia Pacific- Taiwan

I am a Principal Consultant for CMN APAC (Chemicals, Materials and Nutrition) and currently this is my fifth year since I joined Frost and Sullivan Japan. During this journey I have met key milestones that have marked my professional career. I’m sure it takes a lot of hard work and effort, but I definitely don’t regret what Frost has offered me and how my capabilities have developed significantly to be able to handle different types of projects for different clients.

Diego Shimizu
Diego Shimizu
Principal Consultant
Chemicals, Materials and Nutrition (CMN), Growth Advisory
Asia Pacific- Japan

Frost & Sullivan’s flat hierarchy has facilitated my career progression in the advisory industry. The exposure across multiple practice areas has enabled me to develop a diverse range of expertise. Additionally, the progressive and ever-expanding team continuously motivates me to learn and grow as a professional.

Kishan Singh
Kishan Singh
Senior Consulting Analyst
Growth Analytics
Asia Pacific- Nepal

I have had a rewarding journey thus far at Frost & Sullivan, leveraging the knowledge and skills I have acquired and my prior background to contribute to the success of our clients and the organization. The supportive culture, collaborative environment, and growth opportunities have made my time here truly enjoyable. I am grateful for the trust, support and friendships and eagerly look forward to continuing my contributions to the team and the organization.

Wei Liang Chia
Wei Liang Chia
Account Manager
Customer Engagement
Asia Pacific- Singapore

When I joined Frost & Sullivan as an intern, I had limited knowledge about the Aerospace & Defense sector. However, the supportive and nurturing environment created by the Aerospace and Defense team, and the company as a whole, enabled me to kick-start my career in the sector, paving the path to occupy my present role as a Research Analyst.

Shreya Khakurel
Shreya Khakurel
Research Analyst
Aerospace and Defense- Growth Opportunity Analytics
MEASA- India

In the six years since I joined Frost, I’ve matured both professionally and personally. I’ve been given opportunities to think critically, work in diverse sectors, and interact with clients and colleagues from different cultures, that not only enhanced my industry knowledge but also educated me about the real world. I’ve learned so many skills and made so many great friends, but above all, I’ve loved every moment of my time here.

Ojaswi Rana
Ojaswi Rana
Senior Research Analyst
Best Practices Recognition
Asia Pacific- Nepal

Frost is the best place to work that gives you the flexibility to project yourself with innovative ideas. The management is all ears to listening to your queries and suggestions. Frost culture involves a “managerial” environment and there is no “boss” structure. Frost enables you to learn and implement your strategies with full support and freedom. You can reach and speak to the top management with ease. Main reasons to work for Frost include motivation from your managers, support from your team members, recognition of your hard work and a fun place. My 19 years of continuous stint at Frost is a solid example of a good work life.

Sujan Sami
Sujan Sami
Research Director and Global Program Area Leader
Industrial, Growth Opportunity Analytics
EU- United Kingdom

Growth Coaching University

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Coaching University is a platform that enables powerful and unique career development. Leveraging various engaging formats such as live sessions, on-demand videos, and coaching, the Growth Coaching University’s aspirational ideal is to provide you with the tools and skills you need to be an invaluable team player and Maximize Your Future Growth Potential!

The Growth Coaching University Learning Portal is our in-house learning management system (LMS) wherein you can access eLearning content in the form of videos, webinars, courses and others.

Growth Coaching University 365 Program

These customized programs will improve your ability to work with our clients and maximize your future growth potential as an employee and leader in the Company. The goal is to align everyone to our vision and bring about transformational change.

These bite-sized sessions are either live or on-demand videos, coaching sessions or articles followed by an assignment comprising of multiple-choice questions that all employees must complete. This will help every employee understand Frost & Sullivan and get on the same page about our Vision, Products, Frameworks, and aspirational leadership skills.

To support the career development of individuals to enhance their personal and professional development we have a practice called The Buddy Program which typically runs for 2-3 months to help new joiners through their on-boarding and orientation period. You are assigned a friend and guide to help navigate the early stages of your career with Frost & Sullivan.

Fellowship Program

Frost & Sullivan recognizes long-term commitment, performance, and loyalty through its unique Fellowship Program. This exclusive set of employees is evaluated and identified for their consistent performance and contributions that transcend traditional job functions. Each year, recipients are inspired and motivated to go the extra mile. Many even see it as a step closer to their Partnership dream.

Associate Fellowship

(5-10 years tenure)


(10-15 years tenure)

Senior Fellowship

(15-20 years tenure)

Distinguished Fellowship

(20+ years tenure)

Partnership Program – Invest in Your Future

What does it mean to be a Partner at Frost & Sullivan? This unique Program recognizes tenured employees who constantly push the envelope to implement strategies at best practices levels. An all-rounder embodying Corporate Citizen, they not only manage a function but work with global teams synergistically. They make an impact wherever they go and are involved in key strategic decisions to grow the business. Make this your aspirational ideal and invest in your future today.

President’s Club and Chairman’s Club

Frost & Sullivan’s President’s Club and Chairman’s Club recognition is a prestigious award to acknowledge stellar performance and contributions made by employees during the calendar year resulting in positive impact on the performance of the practice area. This initiative celebrates the achievements of those employees who have exhibited outstanding performance surpassing their goals for the year.

Frost & Sullivan Inter Office Transfer Program

Frost & Sullivan’s Inter Office Transfer Program facilitates top performers with the opportunity to further their career progression as well as gain international work experience. This program offers opportunities for professional development. The program offers eligible employees the ability to apply for open positions in our various global offices.